Letter: Alachua County’s portion of the Omni-“bust” bill is $1.4 billion

Americans should be incensed by any new Washington spending. The Omni-“Bust” spending package at issue today tops $1,700,000,000,000. According to the national debt clock, the U.S. is already on the hook for north of $31,000,000,000,000 in debt. That is 31 million millions. So let’s add more.

Put another way, the national debt is $94,275 per person or $248,582 per taxpayer. If one goes to the website www.usdebtclock.org, the numbers look like the spinning wheels of a Vegas slot machine. Problem is, it never comes up all 7’s.

The U.S. Census states that the U.S. Population is 332,403,650 and growing. The new spending bill, therefore, translates to $5,114 per person in new debt. For Alachua County alone, with a population of 278,468, the county-wide impact is $1,424,085,352. 

$1,424,085,352 in new debt, just for the residents of Alachua County. That’s “billion.” You have to pause and make sure you have all the digits right on the calculator.  

And yes, I like to write the numbers out long hand and not just put in an inconsequential “T” or “B”.  

Tim Marden, Newberry

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  • Math fallacy spotted. All the spending is NOT new debt like you claim. I also note that you have NOT voiced opposition to Alachua County spending $5.25 million on an unneeded slaughterhouse in Newberry. I have also noted you have NOT said Newberry should not beg $40 million from the state taxpayers for a new sewer plant in Newberry that you cannot afford to pay for yourself. Total effing hypocrite that is you.

    • It is new debt. Do your homework. I am opposed to Alachua spending money on the slaughter house so slow your roll.

    • Alachua county isn’t spending 5.25 million, they are spending 2.5 million the rest is paid via state grants and private sector money! As for the sewer plant, it wasn’t that long ago you leftists were whining about septic tanks polluting Florida waters! You whine about an issue and when small towns come up with a plan to combat the issue, you whine some more about the costs. You people are pathetic! Gainesville sucks up and pisses away plenty of tax dollars on stupidity!

    • Math are Hard: we are going to get
      Involved in a world war by giving $ & weapons to Ukraine…thank Sleepy Joe & his crack smoking son.

    • Until the debt is reduced, every dollar spent adds to the debt. Your statement is utterly ridiculous. Watch the purchasing power of your savings continue to decline. Our government has NO MONEY. Money is created out of thin air through the symbiotic relationship with the Federal Reserve.

  • Our dollar and economy are ruined…we don’t need the WHO being able to shut down the USA either for great reset. Our bodies, our choice.

  • The best government money can buy. What a waste when we’re broke. The Rino’s who voted for this should be voted out.

      • Our national debt number is so large that’s it’s unimaginable…all the gold, silver, & platinum in the world could not pay it off…now you may have a better perspective…

        • …that’s the plan…Destroy the US
          Dollar, destroy our economy, redistribute the wealth, usurp our constitution with the international covenant on civil & political rights, take our freedom & guns & usher in the new world order great reset…vaccine passports, universal basic income, CO2 regulation….you will own nothing and be happy.

          • The Prophet of Schaub and Barack; Noah Harsari. The Power of Darkness was set to take over in 2025. They were delayed to 2030. That is the reason everything is getting chaotic so quickly.
            Keep Oil in your Lamps and Jesus in Your Hearts and Homes. America Deserves better Leadership 🇺🇸❤️💪

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