Letter: Chestnut is the right choice for City Commission

Like many Gainesville residents, I have expressed concerns for the hardships faced by ordinary people who are struggling to afford housing and pay their bills so they can continue to live in Gainesville. Low-income households, hardworking Gainesville families, and local businesses are being adversely affected by the poor governance, fiscal mismanagement, and dysfunctional conduct of the Gainesville City Commission. Unfortunately, the City Commission continues to ignore the valid concerns of citizens and our neighborhoods on these important issues while continuing to increase GRU rates and property taxes. How much affordable housing could have been built with the $32 million in ARPA funding that the City Commission is squandering? Why are GRU residential electric rates 35% higher and the fuel adjustment increase nearly 3 times higher than FPL?

We need less politics and more common sense, better decision-making, and more fiscal responsibility on the City Commission. As a candidate, Cynthia Chestnut has demonstrated that she is committed to listening to GRU customers and neighborhoods who are being disenfranchised and ignored by the current City Commission.

I believe that Cynthia Chestnut is the right choice to help bring stability, leadership, and good governance back to the City Commission. Please join me in supporting her.

Nathan A. Skop, Esq.
Gainesville, Florida

Mr. Skop is a local attorney and former commissioner on the Florida Public Service Commission

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