Letter: Dear President Trump


Dear President Trump,

We are still with you sir! The American people cannot allow this election to be stolen, and we will not abandon you in your greatest time of need. Challenge every fraudulent vote if necessary, but we cannot allow our constitutional republic to be eradicated by people who have no respect for laws that protect our natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

I am making arrangements to take time off from work and be in Washington for the month of January. I will be there with flags and my red hat in support of you being inaugurated again, or I will be there to protest the theft of our country and to let them know that we will never submit to their tyranny. I assure you that we will not rest until justice is done, and we will not let them rest until they follow the laws of this country.

We will not abandon you, just as you have never abandoned us! If we allow this injustice to stand, then everything that we and our patriot ancestors fought for will be lost. We cannot and WILL NOT allow that to happen! Keep going and be assured that you have the backing of at least 80 million American patriots who will not stop fighting for our sacred and beloved nation.

God bless you, sir, and God bless the United States of America!

Most Sincerely,

 John K. Pitkethly, Jr.

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  • As I have said during prior postings regarding my fears should Biden be elected, I have also penned my support for the rapidly disappearing conservative values within this great country. Trump did some wonderful things in his domestic policies that were beneficial to all Americans. What hurt him is the way he delivered that message. People can’t handle “the real truth” as it was presented by the current administration and they were definitely not prepared for his abrasive personality. The message he gave was not the “gumdrops, unicorns and rainbows” impressions prior administrations have given to all who would listen, let alone be gullible enough to believe.
    In my opinion, another huge reason for his loss was in his losing Arizona. He lost Arizona by continuing his attacks on John McCain, an immensely popular senator, who Trump continued to attack even after his death. Yes, counts from other states were closer than ever before but don’t forget some of those flipped from blue to red during the last election cycle. What can be concluded from this election as with 2016’s is that this was a mandate more against Trump’s personality than it was for Biden’s policies.
    What recent history will show is that when the smoke clears, Trump will blame the lack of conservative participation or some other conspiracy theory as his failed reelection bid instead of his own failure of forgiving others who don’t always agree with him.
    For myself, this is still the United States of America no matter how divided we may be at the current time and I may not agree with forthcoming policies but I will always be proud to be an American. Hopefully, time will heal this wound we are experiencing.

  • Dear President Biden:
    I know you are busy fighting the Covid Pandemic because that last guy spent all his time golfing and grifting while Americans got sick and died.
    However when writing your Priority To Do list, please include massive mental health funding for our new pandemic, TDS. Millions like our neighbor John have it bad. With funding and therapy and treatment they might be saved. A TDS Eradication Task Force might be needed. (Please do not appoint AOC as TDS Tsar or their heads will explode. Yuge mess here in Florida.)
    I am proud that my home of Alachua County voted overwhelmingly for you. We are a blue beacon of light in the sea of redness surrounding us in Florida. I apologize in advance for that Phat Redneck we elected from the Cong 3rd. Just ignore her like the other Cong whackadoodles. However, she will come in handy on slow news days, as national TV reporters can always count on her to give a totally nutz sound bite for the 6 o’clock news. “Today, Florida Woman says. . . .”
    If you find a crazy Florida Man with short hands, long tie, and TDS in the White House on the afternoon of January 20, simply have the Secret Service arrest him for trespassing. Before shipping him to MarALago, check to see if the NY AG or the SDNY marshals want him.
    Thank you for ending our four year national nightmare.

    Your Florida Friend, O.W.

    • O.W. Dumb@r$e,
      Damn, I thought you had moved to California or one of the west coast $0c!@lists states. Can’t wait to hear your crybaby @r$e complaining about the higher taxes you have to pay.
      Bright side of things, if you are or were a former resident of Alachua County you will get priority bedspace in the new “Hotel for Homeless.”
      Speaking of “blue vs red” in Florida. Did you happen to notice that the “blue” are predominantly populated by college communities? Easily manipulated and their continuing quest for “free stuff.”

  • If Joe is our next President, Dems will not be able to remove him and allow Kamala and Nancy to rule in the White House. It takes a super majority and the Pubs will keep him there. We will want to see how discombobulated life becomes while continuing to deny encroachments on our constitution.

    Unfortunately, Executive Orders will be overturned from the last correction period and we are in a stalemate for making law to counter those actions.

    In my opinion, I’m okay with DACA as long as we continue to restrict new illegal residents to our country. I believe that was Trumps plan.

    We do need to be concerned about joining the WHO again and dumping money on a wasted endeavor and increasing other international funding efforts that penalized us in our Return on our Investment (IROI).

    And to Joe….watch your back because you are only the talking head of the Joe Headroom of our current times. Remember Max?

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