Letter: GPD followed industry-standard practices in apprehending Bradley

Dear Sir or Madam:

It was reported in the Sun on Monday that Terrell Bradley lost his right eye as a result of a “routine traffic stop gone awry.” GPD was doing their job stopping his vehicle for a traffic violation. Bradley fled after drugs were detected, and then it was determined that he was a convicted felon who was in possession of a stolen firearm. The appropriate tool to track and apprehend felony suspects is a police K-9. It was Bradley’s decision to commit crimes, run from the police, and resist apprehension that resulted in the dog bite and his injuries. Had it been a “routine traffic stop,” then he would have gotten a ticket for a traffic violation and been released. Nothing “went awry” – GPD followed industry-standard practices to apprehend the fleeing felon.

Violent crime is up in the City of Gainesville and Alachua County, and Terrell Bradley needed to go to jail. If a person doesn’t want to get arrested or injured, then don’t commit crimes, carry stolen guns, and run from the police. Law-abiding citizens are not concerned with family members or protesters who speak out against law enforcement. This is what we pay the police to do.

Captain Ed Van Winkle (retired)
Alachua, Florida

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  • Totally agree with you
    We all know that blm is a joke if they truly cared about the black people instead of buying million dollar homes they would be in the neighbor hoods helping them. No they only show up when a felon gets shot by Law Enforcement and protest that get them money

    • Wait. Did this fool say blm is a joke. That’s racist af!! Everyone life matters. No matter the color of skin. I agree with the running and all that. But when you said that. You TOTALLY WENT OFF SCRIPT!!! Blm has nothing to do with the situation at hand!!! Are you saying that black people don’t help black people? Because at the rally or whatever. It was all races!!! As I see it. It’s actually been while people doing crazy stuff. Shooting innocent people at a parade, at grocery stores. But why the hell they didn’t lose a eye?? Or worse. You can’t be that ignorant

  • Excellent post Ed. My sentiments exactly from a 25 yr veteran of law enforcement and a former K-9 officer and internal affairs investigator. If the perp would have complied with the officers commands and NOT flee, there would be no bite! Pretty simple! Not for the perp. I see this way too often and I do not feel sorry for Bradley. The officers followed rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Bradley got himself bit and injured. In my professional opinion, they did nothing wrong. Way too many dirtbags running the streets today!

  • That’a boy GPD! let’s send the message to these criminals that these may be some of the consequences you face should you decide to run from law enforcement. Maybe then they’ll think twice. Thank you guys for the endless work you brave men and women put in trying to keep our streets safe from these people.

  • He sounds very ignorant and racist. Funny how this states things diff than what was originally said. Yall sound corny.

  • Sorry, if the gun was in police possession then nothing validates the K9 attack. Running from police, while not recommended, does not fit letting a dog tear someone’s eye out. Put aside your vitriol to look at the force used to gain control. I have no issue with traffic stops when they turn up people who need to be apprehended but we are no better than third world countries if we sit by and condone this behavior.

    • NYbob I hear the Governor of NY is begging people to come back Florida is a little different state our believes are not for everyone as you notice no one is destroying property

    • K9’s are trained to go for limbs. By the look of the pictures it appears Bradley put his arm/hand up and it was bit near his face and the eye was collateral damage. We won’t know anything and shouldn’t judge anything until the investigation is over. As for the use of K9’s, law enforcement found drugs, a gun, and knew a felon ran from them. He could have just committed a murder or ran a stop sign. We don’t know. We want law enforcement “to do their jobs” and clean up the streets with crime rates getting higher in our area but do we expect every citizen to be compliant on a traffic stop and get their charges and possibly go to jail as well? Bradley made a choice that night to run and he was tracked by a K9 which is protocol across the country. That much we know. We also know don’t run from the cops. The rest we have to wait for the investigation to be complete. If you think K9’s are inhumane than talk to your legislators.

    • … a known felon ran from the law. I believe he needed to be apprehended before he put more members of his community at risk. If you must run from the police, there probably is a reason. If you were armed, and a known felon, it would be criminally negligent to not chase. As per the injury, it comes with the territory. At least he wasn’t stupid enough to turn around and point at the pursuers. (Ticket to death.) Keep the criminals off the streets – whatever (within the law) it takes.

  • Thank you, Ed. These people just cannot learn, obviously. Why, I wonder….

  • So normal procedure is attacking an unarmed person laying on the ground giving up with a dog to the face? Get the hell.out of here. Van Winkle? Is that normal procedure? Terrell is a good guy, great father and probably was carrying a firearm because of the increased violence in Gainesville that GPD can’t seem to get under control. That’s neither here nor there though, Rello was on the ground giving up, officer made first contact with suspect not the k-9. So Van Winkle how does a surrendering suspect get their eye ripped out after surrendering? Officer Maurer ans Milman both have racial profiling complaints and that’s exactly what they wooing on July 10th racially profiling and they allowed the dog to disfigure thisan.

    • Great guy huh? That’s why he’s a convicted felon riding around with drugs and a firearm and then took off when police tryed to stop him right?. It amuses me that every time something bad happens to one of these punks they always want to say what a great person they are and they were in the process of doing so much with their life. I know a lot of great people and they aren’t out at all times of the night they follow the laws they’re not convicted felons and they don’t do drugs or run from authorities if they break a traffic infraction, thats a good person in my book. But hey somebody has to keep making excuses for these idiots.

  • Great letter Ed, absolutely agree 100%, and thank you for your service!

  • Why don’t the police use bloodhounds to track (find) people? They use attack dogs breed for crowd control such as when violent rioters are being violent. It’s a deterrent. They use them to attack armed aggressors fleeing or not to assist in the officers safety. I’ve never had “the talk” as I’m not a black man but there are “reasons” people flee the police in the heat of the moment. Other than that, each case is unique so let’s wait and see. I hope we get full transparency but I doubt that happens. We’ll see.

    • I’d love to see your list of why people flee law enforcement In the Heat of the Moment James Gardner. I need a good laugh

      • Because being black is reason enough for a 50/50 chance at living if you do. Is that funny?

  • I have no sympathy for that felon…Convicted felons with guns are up to no good and they will use it in a crime.. We have a
    Real problem with felons and recidivism. The penalty
    For breaking the law needs to be severe and swift that
    The felon dare not commit an offense ever again…how do we stop the criminal from committing heinous crimes? Do we need to bring back “the rack” or chain
    Gangs with hard labor? Jail & prison are not supposed
    To be a good experience. When will criminals learn the
    Lesson that crime doesn’t pay & don’t do the crime if
    You can’t do the time…yeah, you can lose an eye or your life easy if you’re a felon trying to elude the police.
    If I woke up from sleeping and that felon was inside my home with that gun, I would definitely
    Be in fear for my life and he would have lost more than
    an eye…

  • Did the dog “mess up” and bite his face instead of his arm, or was he trying to fight with the dog – poke ITS eye out or something?? I guess that’s the important question if someone is trying to get the city to pay them money.

  • If former Captain Ed has seen the bodycam footage he can have this opinion, but to just take police or other interested parties at their word and draw a conclusion on that biased information is useless. Disarming felons is kind of silly as well, if they haven’t adequately proven their ability to reintegrate into society, releasing them with conditions like “don’t get caught with a weapon” makes little sense.

    • Capt Ed can comment however he wants. Let’s not forget all the protesting and street blocking are without seeing any actual footage either. Be fair!

  • As a parent, I teach my girls to be accountable for their actions. Never, ever would they run from the police. If this person’s father was a police officer, I would surely hope this father figure taught him the same. Guess not….so felon..check…drugs…check…LOADED STOLEN GUN TRIPLE CHECK…..I know why he probably ran…but own up to the consequences of your actions……

    • As a child of LEOs, I was taught to be accountable for my actions as well. Blows my mind that his (former) LEO father thinks his son did no wrong. His charges were possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, theft of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession, and resisting an officer with violence. He RAN from the police instead of complying. What did he expect was going to happen? That they would just let him go? If so, he’s an idiot just like his dad. Dude is nothing more than a straight thug that got what he deserved.

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