Letter: Hayes-Santos’ comments about single-family zoning on local television were inaccurate and should be retracted

An open letter to Gainesville City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos: 

Last night, July 6, you appeared on local television and misstated several important facts related to the City Commission’s current proposal to eliminate single family zoning across the City. I believe your misstatements will disproportionately impact our African-American neighbors. According to the mycbs4.com website’s summary of that broadcast, “He says he wants to clear up some of what he calls misinformation. He stresses that some of the proposed changes include limiting building heights to two stories, and notes that the proposal will not effect zoning in ‘some historically black neighborhoods.”

“’Fifth Avenue, Pleasant Street, Porters, majority of Duval, these sorts of black neighborhoods won’t see any changes because they’re actually not zoned single family as well,’ said Commissioner Hayes-Santos.”

First, you neglected to mention other historically Black neighborhoods, such as Springhill and Sugarhill, which will be dramatically impacted by this change because of their proximity to Depot Park. You also did not mention that Azalea Trail and Lincoln Heights—also historically Black, though developed more recently—will also likely be disproportionately impacted.  This unfair impact will be due to the amount of vacant property in these neighborhoods, their depressed property values due to racially biased lending practices and real estate appraisals, and the City’s and School Board’s historic underinvestment in basic services in these neighborhoods.

Second, you appear to be unaware of the City’s current zoning. Below are screenshots which I took this morning, from the City’s website, of the Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street (FAPS) and Duval neighborhoods. They show that both neighborhoods have extensive “residential conservation” zoning (RC, shown in dark green) and “single family zoning” (RSF 2-4, shown in shades of yellow). As explained in Section 30-4.16, Table V-4 of the City’s Land Development Code, residential conservation zoning allows single family homes and duplexes, only, while RSF allows single family homes, only.  (Screenshot of Table V-4 below. Note footnote 1.)

Fifth Avenue/Pleasant Street Zoning
Duval Neighborhood Zoning

I was told two decades ago by City officials that RC zoning was created in Gainesville to acknowledge that some duplexes existed in historically Black neighborhoods. That designation, applied long after the homes had been built, was intended to recognize what would otherwise have been a non-conforming use while protecting these neighborhoods’ residential character. By avoiding mention of several affected historically Black neighborhoods–a misstatement of omission–and incorrectly stating that Duval and FAPS are “actually not zoned single family” now–a misstatement of commission–you have given residents of Gainesville, especially residents in these threatened neighborhoods, cause to give up their fight.

Because these are serious misstatements, one particularly targeting our African-American neighbors, I ask that you issue a formal retraction. In anticipation of your public correction, I have copied various media outlets to help set the record straight.

Kim Tanzer, Gainesville

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  • Just call Santos what he is…A POS Liar.

    You can throw most of the other commissioners in that same classification as well. Ward, Saco, Arreola, Poe – you know who you are. Step up to the plate. Don’t worry, you won’t need an athletic cup – none of you have balls anyway.

    • Especially that momma’s boy. Only game he plays is footsie (with strangers).

    • AHS – An impotent fool at best. Let him walk and wallow in his own ignorant misery for the rest of his life, never to hold another office, ever.

  • Glad to see that someone is calling him out. We need to work hard to defeat this!

  • Kim left out the major cause of those neighborhoods’ decline is the influx of “affordable housing” (section 8) apts. with no security, rules enforcement or supervision. Ask GPD and ASO about that, and realtors for nearby home values. The city wants to expand that practice everywhere for “equity”, next. Instead, build and sell owner-occupied housing for all income levels, etc etc.

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  • Good to see others paying attention. Is Hayes-Santos a US citizen? I saw that he was born in Canada.

    • Yep, you’ve uncovered his lies about being a minority. As Poe claimed when Hayes was elected that they then had the first “minority-majority” commission. Trouble is the Canadian white kid’s mom, later married someone with last name Santos, which does make him a minority. So Wa-la! He’s now a minority from his step-dad! Has never had an important job of any kind in his life but claims to know it all about everything! Abandon this loser asap so he can move back in with mom (still comes to watch him lie at the meetings). Regard anything he says as ignorant garbage!

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  • This nut’s only real experience is the last 6 years with city commission in Gainesville! What do you expect him to know? Nothing would be better than making crap up like he does, pretending to know, or outright the lies that he tells. Could have used the opportunity to learn but no, he lied and faked his way to a certain failed future! We don’t need his kind in any job of importance! Get lost Adrianna! Grow a pair while you are at it!

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