Letter: How to rig an election


Mainstream media… I’m not buying this “zero fraud” narrative. For a number of reasons, too–starting with over 200 sworn affidavits.

This ain’t over, but you media are working over time to convince us it is.

Why is that?

I’ve spent the last twenty years doing LP (loss prevention), so I’ve seen a thing or two. I’d like to break down my take on how someone could easily rig an election, while staying under the radar.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you are correct, no fraud… then any investigation will turn up nothing. You have 78% of the 72 million Republican voters angry as hell right now… if your side is being at all honest about ‘unity,’ the first step is to legitimize this election. Blowing it off completely is irrational, irresponsible, and does not in any way act in good faith. Why are you doing that?

There will be consequences to not acting in good faith. Both sides need to protect our election process, or what follows could lead us down a path we won’t come back from. Americans have never been more divided.

I am not suggesting anyone do this, nor am I encouraging dishonest practices. The following is my opinion on how elections could be rigged.

I won’t go over all the ways you could vomit fraud, but here’s my take: This is about winning and getting away with it. Hypothetically, I’d have at least a half dozen schemes running simultaneously. Less is more, and it’s easy to fly under the radar. You would support those schemes from different angles (example: no ID required, with campaign ads promising illegals citizenship and a campaign that NO ID is required to vote).

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This is vital: get the media and as much of the population as possible to hate your opponent. This will help encourage opportunistic fraud. This will also build an argument if the election is contested that it’s not due to fraud, but instead the opponent is just a sad loser. Engage in posturing, ‘assume the sale’ by acting as President; creating this optic is important. NO talking about potential fraud! The less that’s said about it…  the less attention paid to it. Out of sight, out of mind. This will give credibility to the ‘no fraud narrative.’ If the media hates the other side, it won’t be hard at this point to pull it off.

Recruit poll workers who solidly back your party. You might even look into the people in areas you’ve built up division… defund the police out of one side of the mouth, while asking people to ensure a safe election in the other. Preferably people with questionable backgrounds.

Pass last-minute laws. Let’s focus on mail-in ballots. Use fear to push voting by mail. Unclean and outdated voter rolls will be a gold mine of ballots! Meanwhile, set the narrative that the USPS couldn’t handle it, your opponent is sabotaging it, identity politics because it’s ‘racist’ to not vote by mail! (Everything is racist… because that intimidates people to back down and let you do what you want for the most part) —I’d also p*** the USPS workers off, while running articles about how postal workers throw ballots out. Put ideas in their head.

Entrust deep party officials to head the elections. They recruit, train, and oversee everything. 85% of your problems are INTERNAL, why? Because they know the process, they have access, and they know how to get away with it. Control the people running polls, counting ballots… you can better control the outcome of elections.

Lax policies on signature verification. Mass mailed-out ballots… maiden names, full names, names with typos… (I know people who’ve gotten SIX right here in FL). I also know many people who have received ballots for previous tenants, dead relatives… one friend got one for her FIL who had been dead for 22 years, her husband for 8, they both got a ballot… funny part, neither of them had even lived in that household! Anyway, the more mail-outs sent… and the more p***** off you can make people, the statistics go up for those ballots coming back filled out. Opportunistic fraud, very low risk, too. “Plausible deniability.”

Do away with voter ID. You can take truck loads of voters from precinct to precinct and have them vote away at each one. Offer 11 million illegals citizenship, free healthcare, free education, free housing… Couple that with back-to-back ads, no ID required to vote. “When you vote, we win!” Drive it home that no ID required, over and over and over while calling to action, “Every vote counts!” Media pushes stories about concerns that people will vote who aren’t citizens, no controls in place to keep it honest… put the idea in millions of heads.

Have a stake in the company responsible for the voting machines (or have close enough ties it would merit a recusal). I’d also have deals with China to rig them. The algorithms would be enough to swing the vote, but not enough to draw attention. You don’t want to get caught; you want to get away with it.

You don’t have to rig everything… just the major cities with the highest population. Have your officials in place, and focus on select areas that could have the best impact on the election. (One of the precincts officials lost her notary status due to foul play that involved a personal conflict.) She’s proven to be a person who willingly bends rules for her gain… she will most likely bend them for an election, especially if what you are promising whets her appetite. (Say anything for a vote!)

I could go on with this… there are at least a dozen more scams easy enough to pull off. Study these affidavits coming in for two reasons: 1. To learn what’s being reported (could you get away with it next time?) 2. How would you prevent reports like this if you were to pull it off?

Example: observers not allowed in, paper covering the windows—next election have it set up with these in mind, and in a way that you can still have people marking the ballots. Four years is a long time to test theories. Note: research past election frauds and see how those scams could be implemented.

By having more scams going… if one is found out, you have backups. It’s also harder to catch fraud when you are essentially chipping away at it. A little here, some over there… cumulatively it’s huge, individually not so much.

These are just off the top of my head. Statistically, 80% of theft is opportunistic, meaning someone doesn’t generally set out to be dishonest, but will be so if given the opportunity. That’s why the MSM spreading hate for my opponent would be vital, because when I present them with an opportunity… you are raising your statistical average for opportunists pouncing on it.

This is just my take on things.

Megan OBrien, Gainesville

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  • As States have rights, we need to preserve them. But in all do respect, should those voted upon in our federal elections be secured by votes that are submitted in the best manner possible?

    In federal elections, should absentee ballots be the norm for mail in? And should those requesting such we only be granted those by actually requesting the ballot? Hence, no mass mail outs to even request absentee ballots.

    Our Federal government should have some authority that is supported by our federal and Supreme Court. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of challenges to this process that were submitted prior to the elections. Yet, we know that there is confusion as to the states rights and federal oversite in elections.

    As we have many issues in validation as described very concisely, if a ruling on the protection of our voters choice to confirm my ballot, I support it.

  • The problem with this analysis is the fact that the voting system is so decentralized it would be hard to pull any of these off in large enough numbers to make a difference.

    • Bob, if you are responding to my post, the voting system should remain for state internal elections. But if federal requirements be imposed only for federal elections, in most cases, the collection process would change accordingly for state and local elections.

      It’s very difficult to operate with different systems.

      Let’s hope we have court rulings coming down, post haste, to support the effort for compliance….in all courts.

  • I want to congratulate that fantastic incoming Congressional rep named Kat.
    That great Democrat from Hawaii’s 2nd, Kat Kahele.
    I hope the mail room does not misdirect his mail to soundalike Congress critter Phat Cammuck from Florida’s 3rd Congressional district of Springs County.

    • O.W. Dumb@rse.
      Forgot about that wildly liberal state in the middle of the Pacific. I’m sure you would be welcomed there with open arms as well.

      Please feel free to hop on your plane or boat,
      spare us and take you a little float.
      Move west so that you can keep toking,
      or just continue to enjoy whoever’s appendage your stroking.
      Meanwhile while you’re in a daze,
      Some Americans will be counting the days,
      When we will once again have the opportunity to exercise our vote.
      Your grand ideas may go up in smoke.
      Along with your hope of a $oci@li$t regime,
      You will wake up and find it was another of your wet dreams.

  • If elections are so easy to rig, and Donald Trump is so smart, why didn’t he rig the election to win? If the Dems rigged the election better than the GOP, this proves the Dems are smarter and should be put in charge of the government.

  • Before development of computer software installed at precinct level, It was once held true that decentralization of precincts prevented widespread ballot fraud… But Increased use of computer embedded software plus the unrequested mailout of ballots (ballot harvesting) opened the door to massive election theft in 2020. — With Covid-19 a perceived threat to health to older, experienced poll workers, the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, teachers’ unions and others who officially support BIDEN were recruited to run the elections at precincts in many swing states. Evidence is mounting that software from DOMINION flipped votes from Trump to Biden. Here is one article… BOMBSHELL – Anon Crunches Voter Data, Discovers Election Software ‘Dominion’ Producing Massive Fraud. – https://bit.ly/3pwxZRH

  • DR. SHIVA AND FORENSIC TEAM PRESENT PROOF OF TRUMP ELECTION THEFT IN MICHIGAN BY COMPUTER ALGORITHM — Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Election Theft – Participants: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, Phil Evans, BSEE, Clemsonm U. – Inventor and Engineer Data Analyst and Bennie Smith, Software Engineer – Election Commission Data Analyst. – https://youtu.be/Ztu5Y5obWPk

  • Guess Who Counted the Votes? (Spoiler, BIDEN ACTIVISTS)… Leaked document from AFL-CIO provides evidence of planned insurgency and street war strategy by union Leftists who support Biden. Millie Weaver and Tore Says review a whistleblower document that they ultimately submitted to law enforcement in the interest of national security. — Election officials feared a historic shortage of poll workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, since such workers tend to be senior citizens at high risk for the coronavirus. So, in a bid to keep voter turnout high, some of the largest unions are recruiting their own members to staff precincts on Nov. 3 and during early voting. – https://bit.ly/2Ixa2sA

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