Letter: Husband for High Springs

I am writing to you today as both a devoted wife and concerned citizen of High Springs. While the former is self-explanatory, I feel the need to elaborate on the latter. My husband Tristan Grunder is a candidate for High Springs City Commission, seat 3. Your paper has already backed the incumbent candidate for this position but has never once reached out for information on the Grunder campaign. In the spirit of equity, I thought it best someone provide your readers information on Tristan Grunder before the November 8th election.

I am going to quote your own Len and Jennifer Cabrera in the Alachua Chronicle Voter Guide for the 2022 General Election article, “Bottom line: in every local race, we recommend voting against all incumbents.” By your own standards, this would include the very incumbent you are supporting in high springs. Tristan Grunder is a fresh face on the campaign scene, but he is not new to High Springs. Tristan was born and raised in high springs Florida, and never left the town he loves. We are happily raising our family here, and both my husband and I are deeply invested in this community. Tristan is a decorated law enforcement officer of 15 years and is the Fraternal Order of Police president. He is no stranger to politics and has firsthand knowledge of the short-handedness of police that your article mentioned. Tristan is running on a platform that supports training and tools necessary to help the High Springs Police Department continue protecting our great small-town community.

The remainder of his platform is tried and true. Tristan was raised by a large number of members in this small town, and he has this community’s best interest at heart. He did not just retire, and move out to high springs, and vow to shut the door on growth because he wants to be the last one here. Tristan’s roots run deep, and he wants High Springs to remain small (especially for our children), however he recognizes the need for responsible growth. New businesses like the High Springs Brewery and the Pink Flamingo Diner are examples of responsible growth. They are both new businesses, but they help provide jobs to High Springs residents and contribute to the culture and infrastructure of our town. Speaking of infrastructure, that is another one of Tristan Grunder’s goals. As city commissioner, Tristan plans to work with the city and staff to create a long-term strategic plan that will be easy to follow and maintain.

As an avid reader of the Alachua Chronicle, I implore you and your readers to look into one of the other candidates running for High Springs City Commission Seat 3. I can admit that my bias runs deep, but Tristan Grunder’s values, work ethic, and character speak for themselves. Please do some research and make an educated decision when voting on November 8th.

Thank you,
Amy Grunder, High Springs

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  • The content of this article is so important- it lessens the credibility of a news source when publications are (or seem) one-sided. When there are multiple candidates, all or none should be covered. As is stated above, equity is everything- it is beneficial to the individuals who are the focus of the articles, the community, and the publication itself.

    That being said, it would be a great loss to the community not to share the qualities and intentions of Tristan Grunder. What he has shared with me of his love of and concern for High Springs would make for an ideal city commissioner!

  • I support Tristan Grunder, he is a wonderful public servant, cares deeply about public safety and he would make a great Commissioner. -Ken Cornell

  • One has to wonder when a neutral paper such as the chronicle recommends voting the incumbent out of office, suddenly cuddles up to said incumbent with no mention of the opponent.
    Vote Grunder!

  • I find this very odd, that a letter from a candidate’s wife is published by the Chronical, and since I live out in the County I don’t have horse in this race and have no bias one way or the other.

    As if a wife would be an unbiased source? When can we expect the letters from the other candidate or candidates to be published?

    • Anybody – citizen, candidate, or relative of a candidate – is welcome to submit letters to the editor. Publication is an editorial decision, but a letter as well-written as this one will always be published.

      • Thank you, we count on Alachua Chronicle allowing everyone to express their opinions.

  • Since the incumbent is seemingly ignorant of Florida’s Public Record exemption laws, questioning whether her opponent and his wife are even registered voters, I’d question her qualifications. Vote Grunder!

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