Letter: It’s not about the police; it’s about the police state


Trump’s Executive Order for police reforms, in the end, is no different than the Minneapolis City Council calling for defunding their police department. Here is why: The Deep State will use both to achieve a National Police Force.  With the Sheriff’s race heating up, hopefully Alachua County doesn’t get any funny ideas. The Sheriff, after all, is a Constitutional Officer. Will these candidates tell the Feds “No” when it comes to these reforms? It’s a good debate question. 

Truth hurts both Trumpists and Socialists—congrats, strange bed fellows.

First, stop viewing these as left/right, Democrat/Republican, or even black/white issues. These are perpetuated to distract and divide us. This fight is Main Street USA versus Wall Street and K Street. 

Main Street USA is the average American who wants to be left alone and still believes they know better for themselves than Government. How passé. Wall Street is various financing tentacles coming off the Federal Reserve Central Bank leviathan. K Street is in DC where major lobbying firms set up shop within a cozy distance of Capitol Hill. Along with friends in media, government services, local governments, etc., Wall Street and K Street are herein collectively referred to as The Deep State. Under various names throughout history, it is the collectivist, socialist, counter culture to true Americanism.

It is us against them. 

The Deep State goal is World Government, controlled by the “elites,” using the United Nations as the government structure. Along with many others, both Joe Biden and George H.W. Bush have promoted this New World Order, showcasing how the Deep State has no political allegiance. Their allegiance is ONLY to the goal.

Accept it or not, that is the truth. And it filters down to local County levels through initiatives such as sustainable development, climate change, and social justice.  For more information, see the U.N. document Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It is not an accident; the U.N. headquarters is in New York, blocks from Wall Street, built on land donated by self-admitted globalist David Rockefeller. It’s in the most powerful nation on earth, the last bastion of hope for freedom on the planet.

The United States stands in the way of their goal. Our Republic is in stark contrast to the powder blue helmeted dictators’ club who believe more in control than freedom. 

Why do you think the Deep State Wall Street financiers funded Hitler and the Bolsheviks before that? Also Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro? All were sold as “sensible agrarian reformers.” In the case of the NY Times, they fashioned Castro as the George Washington of Cuba. The then Deep States in each case seized opportunities to create more totalitarian regimes for their controlling central bank Ponzi schemes.  “Give me control of a country’s money, and I care not who makes its laws,” said banking magnate Mayer Rothschild. 

The NY Times recently published an article by Mariame Kaba titled Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police. In that article, she cites an interview appearing in the Jacobin. The Jacobin is the quarterly Communist Party USA periodical. A search of their website shows Ms. Kaba has been contributing there since 2014.  

As parents, we trick our wary children into trying something by hiding it in something else: you tell them a white lie to overcome their natural fear. Little by little, slowly but surely, inch by inch, they come around. In politics this is called incrementalism. In war this is called taking ground. Communist Revolutionary Vladamir Lenin, yet another agrarian reformer, once said, “We do not have to take the United States; It will fall into our outstretched hands like overripe fruit.”  A 16’ Lenin Statue stands along Fremont Place in Seattle.

Enter Trump’s Executive Order and the potential effects here in Alachua County. 

Problem No.1: The order calls for a national database to hold employment records, discipline records, hiring and firing terms, etc. National anything means National Control. See Department of Education.

Problem No. 2: The order financially incentivizes departments to adopt national standards that will be monitored and controlled by the U.S. Attorney General’s office. Once departments have hired officers and are reliant on the federal dollars, a Chief or Sheriff will be hard-pressed to change or be changed.  

Problem No. 3: The order calls for the U.S. Attorney General to work with local Citizen Review Boards (CRB) in developing standards. These CRBs will serve as the “See Something, Say Something” eyes and ears of local adherence. These local boards are pre-loaded with folks sympathetic to government controllers. In many cases, they are simply extensions of local City and County government. Joe Citizen is not voting for these people, but he is subject to them.

Problem No. 4: Last but not least, the order calls for multiple Federal agencies, all unconstitutional, working together to ensure its success. These agencies, working together, are as harmful to liberty and freedom as bi-partisanship. These agencies cross-pollinate, expanding federal power. They wield powers our Constitution was written to limit. 

Trump won’t be in office forever to see this come to fruition. 

Another truth: the Deep State uses liberals to advance non-liberal ideas with liberals and turns right around and uses conservatives to advance non-conservative ideas with conservatives. Like a parent getting you to open your mouth for the airplane spoon full of lima beans.

Now… Enter the Minneapolis City Council: 

This Council was elected by the same people who elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. The aforementioned Kaba article aside, abolishing the police department makes way for a Federal Police to take over. This is what happened in Cincinnati, OH after Michael Brown’s death and is simple to explain as part of the globalist puzzle. Never letting a crisis go to waste is a useful policy. 

Together these two actions are facets of a greater strategy to create a National Police Force, en route to World Government. We must be diligent to ensure these reforms are not enacted locally; otherwise we will be feeding into our own demise as a community. 

It does not matter whether you are on the right or left. None of us will be spared. We have to set aside those polarizing pretenses and the errant assumption that it’s ok when our person does it. 

This will affect all of us. Right now we are all contributing to this problem. The Antifa and BLM promoters are burning the place down to get rid of police while Trumpers are propping up these reforms. Both are bad! We’ve luckily been spared here in Alachua County so far, although I’m sure it’s not for lack of trying by some.   

It’s not about the Police, it’s about the Police State. 

Tim Marden, Newberry

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  • Wow “Lenin, Mao, Bolshevik, Communist Party USA, Hitler, Fidel, Deep State, Antifa, BLM” you managed to get all the right wing FEAR buzz words into one letter. I am impressed.
    Thank you for expressing this Koch Brothers funded Deep John Birch State view of the world. Since you seem to know what is wrong, please tell us how to fix it. Lead by example. Tell us what reforms you are putting on the Newberry Police Department to liberate Main Street. We’re waiting.

    Or is your solution to secede into Springs County because you Koch Birchers cannot play well with others?

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