Letter: Kat should focus on Florida and Cuba, not the Mexican border

Dear Editor,

There is a humanitarian crisis on the border, and I intend to visit the border this year. However, Kat Cammack has yet to take any action to help individuals at the U.S./Mexican border. She has now visited at least three times, and she has used every visit as one giant photo op. So far, she has done nothing to pass legislation to fix the border crisis.

Kat is currently in the wrong state at the wrong time. Right now Kat should be concerned for her constituents in Florida who have friends and family suffering in Cuba and are fighting for their freedom. Kat should be advocating for the Cuban people on behalf of her own district.

The crisis in Cuba affects so many individuals within Florida and in her district, and yet she is currently taking photos of herself at the U.S./Mexican border. Kat Cammack should come back to Florida and properly represent her district, as she was elected to serve the individuals of District 3. If I were in her spot, I would work tirelessly to assist the individuals of my district and assist the Cuban people in every way I can.

Pitbull is currently doing more for Florida’s Cuban American citizens than Kat Cammack is. She portrays herself as a reality TV star, rather than a Congresswoman. She talks a good game, however, she fails to represent us when it is needed most. She is Kat “all talk no action” Cammack.

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Justin Waters, Alachua

Justin J. Waters is a Republican that is currently running against Representative Kat Cammack.