Letter: Kat should focus on Florida and Cuba, not the Mexican border

Dear Editor,

There is a humanitarian crisis on the border, and I intend to visit the border this year. However, Kat Cammack has yet to take any action to help individuals at the U.S./Mexican border. She has now visited at least three times, and she has used every visit as one giant photo op. So far, she has done nothing to pass legislation to fix the border crisis.

Kat is currently in the wrong state at the wrong time. Right now Kat should be concerned for her constituents in Florida who have friends and family suffering in Cuba and are fighting for their freedom. Kat should be advocating for the Cuban people on behalf of her own district.

The crisis in Cuba affects so many individuals within Florida and in her district, and yet she is currently taking photos of herself at the U.S./Mexican border. Kat Cammack should come back to Florida and properly represent her district, as she was elected to serve the individuals of District 3. If I were in her spot, I would work tirelessly to assist the individuals of my district and assist the Cuban people in every way I can.

Pitbull is currently doing more for Florida’s Cuban American citizens than Kat Cammack is. She portrays herself as a reality TV star, rather than a Congresswoman. She talks a good game, however, she fails to represent us when it is needed most. She is Kat “all talk no action” Cammack.

Justin Waters, Alachua

Justin J. Waters is a Republican that is currently running against Representative Kat Cammack.

  • Well said and I agree. I think there is an old saying about people who go to Washington to make things better. They more often than not only go to Washington to make things better for themselves.

    Kat is doing That.

  • In the last couple of days, I heard her on The Bob Rose Show (on 97.3 FM) calling from the border area along with 3 or 4 Florida sheriffs traveling with her. I want the border closed. Anyone with a modicum of common sense should want the border closed. What exactly do you think she is going to do to help the Cuban community? You just sound like a detractor – oh, on second look, I see you are running against her!!! I’ll make sure NOT to vote for Justin “too dumb to want to close the border” Waters! Cubans aren’t crybabies who need a shoulder to cry on, by the way. Way to go leaving out all the real facts about her trip. YOU sound like the typical swamp politician. Have fun in the dustbin of history.

  • Is Justin hiding something?….Ballotpedia claims District 3 candidate Justin Waters has not yet completed the “Connection Survey” — “Ballotpedia is seeking 100 percent participation so voters can learn more about all the candidates on their ballots.” – https://ballotpedia.org/Justin_Waters

  • To continue, Governor DeSantis was live on Fox News tonight (Watters World, ironically). He is also at the border, and he said as many as HALF of the million+ invaders so far this year say they want to come to FLORIDA as their final destination when asked. Thank God for Kat Cammack.

    • DeSantis went to the border to hold a press conference on the Florida law enforcement officers he sent to the border. He didn’t go to take pictures of himself. DeSantis is also likely testing the waters for a run for the White House, so in the future he may actually represent Texas, unlike Kat Cammack. Unless she wants to move to Texas; she does have a pattern of moving to different states just for politics, like Hillary.

    • Desantis is the head of the National Guard and sent soldiers to help secure the border. That is his job. He is doing his job. That’s a big difference from Cammack who thinks her job is photo ops next to the border. What is she going to do? Take selfies with Border Patrol officers? Perhaps she can swing by her home state of Colorado. Or she can fundraise some more. Cammack is like Hillary Clinton. They are excellent fundraisers. Love spending that dark money.

  • Just want to say I support Kat at the border. This crisis down there affects Floridians directly as we the taxpayers will be supporting these illegals with our tax money not to mention crime and drugs being brought in to the US and Florida. She is bringing attention to this important issue as is our Governor. I believe Biden should be impeached for allowing this to happen. He is breaking his oath to uphold the laws of our country. Thank you Kat for bringing attention to this crisis.

  • I am an American citizen of Cuban birth that resides in Gainesville and is in Kat Cammack’s district. I have family in Cuba and ‘m quite worried about them, but I don’t blame congresswoman Cammack or the US in general. I would like to see her talking about restoring internet access to the people there, as the communist regime relies on information blackout to suppress the Cuban people. If we can overcome this one hurdle, I think the Cuban people will eventually be able to rid themselves of the Castro communist cancer. But everyone should know that the situation on the southern border with Mexico is critical for the US. There have been 17,000 Cubans that have crossed into the US via the southern border with Mexico just this year alone. Even more Venezuelans! I guarantee you all of these people will find their way to Florida. Kat Cammack is doing an excellent job, in my opinion, but I would ask her to emphaize providing internet access for the Cuban people. Eliminating the Cuban regime would go very far in removing the leftist plague consuming so much of Latin America,

  • Yes, Kat must focus on bringing American freedoms to Cuba. With any luck, they too can have rigged elections, draconian mask mandates, transgender entertainment TV conservative running for governor, cancel culture and race riots.

    Leave Cuba alone. There are two issue that matter for Americans. Immigration and harnessing the security state. Everything else is a distraction.

    I’m no fan of Cammack, but if Waters is the best conservative alternative for Alachua…

    • I also agree security and border control are existential concerns. To the extent Kat can achieve that, I support her; however, her choice to post pictures of herself detaining scared women and children, likely harmed our chances of meaningful bipartisan immigration reform. She needs to sit in a room with both Democrats and Republicans and work on passing laws. That requires being polite to her Democrat opponents, even if that means she doesn’t get as much media attention for her explosive interactions with her opponents. It’s not enough to be just a cheerleader for conservative values. She was elected to be a law maker.

      • Yes, “being polite to her Democrat opponents” will surely be what finally solves our problems. How many more times do you think the GOP needs to turn the other cheek? While the Boomers in the GOP continue to pick up table scraps, the Left is concerned with consolidating and exercising power.

        Is Kat a political opportunist? Probably. But replacing her with someone who doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation and merely wants to play nice is not necessarily an improvement. The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will be to earning my vote.

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