Letter: Landlord ordinance will result in increased rents

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In reference to the proposed new landlord ordinance:

I currently supply affordable housing to mostly older city neighbors who live on fixed incomes My tenants are long-time tenants who are very happy with the degree of service I provide, with no complaints.

After reviewing all the extra fees and regulations proposed in the new ordinance I will have to increase each tenant’s rent by $100 each month. This is the unintended consequence of your proposed legislation upon my tenants.

I am a very private person and do not want people coming into my home; I know my tenants and most other people feel the same. I know that you believe your actions are well-intentioned, but all it will do is violate citizens’ privacy rights by having some government agent disrupt their private lives with inspections. I feel that if you want to collect a landlord fee, most landlords would be ok with that.  A guide to make units more efficient is ok. Mandatory inspection and extra paperwork and aggravations for landlord will result in extra remuneration from tenants to landlord… I can guarantee that!

Please reconsider such a draconian plan to govern property tax-paying landlords so they can still supply affordable housing to city neighbors.

It’s not easy being a landlord with taxes and insurance and tenants who cannot pay.  Please reconsider your well-intended and too-strict policy until the economy is better and until we are well over this COVID pandemic.

This is not the time for me to be raising rents when so many of our neighbors are suffering financially.

If you do pass the ordinance as written, I will have much satisfaction blaming the rent increases on the actions of the city commission.
If tenants cannot afford their new rents and get kicked out, it will be all of your faults! I know you will create a lot of unintended suffering. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Richard Selwach, Landlord, Gainesville

  • Simple math for our stupid leadership…
    Increased rent + increased taxes = homelessness
    Homelessness + high unemployment = high crime rate
    High crime rate + defund the police = higher mortality
    Higher mortality + ignorance = Liberal leadership

    I guess our moronic leaders will just blame it all on Trump.

    • I like your rhyme…humorous, serious , & true….Oh what a wicked
      Web the they’ve weaved, when first they practice to covid deceive.

    • Oh Noes, Not Agenda 21. The sky is falling. My tinfoil hat is not strong enough. Excuse me while I protect myself by taking my head out the arse of Donald Trump and sticking it where it belongs, in the arse of Brother John Birch. Ahhhh, blissful safety. Ignorance is power. Springs County!!!!!

      • Something has obviously hit you on your head too many times. Maybe your parents dropped you a couple too many. Maybe you’re just infected.
        If none of the above apply, your only excuse is your own ignorance.

        • He’s what they call themselves, “ a progressive”…aka, a communist…you know, a tick or flea on a host….
          Someone who wants free stuff….someone who is suck a d-ck in real life, that he wants everyone to
          Be equally miserable….he does not believe in individual rights, but the collective mob…you know,
          the ones who put Jesus on the cross 2000 years ago… the devils minions…you see, the devil is such
          A good liar and deceiver, that these types believe him…they want to help the devil make “hell on earth”…

      • Agenda21? That’s that UN plan. You like that?…Tell us all
        The great things about it. Let us us know your top 3 favorite issues that you want when it comes to government taking away peoples’
        unalienable rights

  • (Predictable Corporate Covid Racist O.W. Douglas in a wine glass). That never happened

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