Letter: LGBTQ lobby has purposely confused the public about the Parental Rights in Education Bill

Within the last two weeks, many have been polarized by the propaganda on our phones, TVs, in our schools, newspapers, etc., regarding the Parental Rights in Education Bill, HB 1557 (See House Bill 1557 (2022) – The Florida Senate (flsenate.gov. )

In a deliberate (and successful) attempt to confuse the public, the LGBTQ lobby has dubbed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and organized child protests. Besides exploiting minors, this has caused mass confusion in our churches, schools, and communities as people attempt to love their neighbor the best they know how.

The truth is, “gender ideology” has been taught from Pre-K on up in our government’s public schools for years – and decades in some states. While “sex ed” (Comprehensive Sexuality Education, CSE for short) classes don’t begin until 3rd grade in the U.S., children aren’t able to begin psychologically processing the implications of “identities,” psychological gender, sex-specific hormones, experimental “lower” surgeries, and sex until about 4th grade. Most mentally healthy adults and even some medical providers continue to be confused by these theories and ideologies and never thought their families would be directly impacted. 

By using the term “gender” to introduce children to sexual identities, schools have been able to teach children theories and ideologies that exploit vulnerabilities in their developmental stages (especially in the lower grade levels addressed by the bill). As someone who was  part of the LGBTQ community but later turned away from that “identity” and entered into a heterosexual marriage, I was shocked when my son was introduced to “gender theory and propaganda books” in the first couple months of Kindergarten–it has been going on for a long time in Alachua County specifically. Whenever you hear Common Core, think “gender training” in all subjects.

It is important to note that while much of the training seems innocuous by individual situation, after routine exposure, it is easy to understand the subversion of parents and how confusion over gender-related terminology causes long-term harm, unforgiveness, and division.

By contrast, last weekend, many were celebrating their successful de-transitions and resulting psychological health through affirmation of their biological sex. Please consider reading the following article: Ex-Transgender People Celebrate Their Detransition (breitbart.com)

Derek Paul, Gainesville

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