Letter: Marriage licenses and no-fault divorce

Government intrusion into the sanctity of marriage has effected the Marxist goal to destroy the family, thus the nation. God created marriage; not government. The three-stranded cord mentioned in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, should be husband, wife, and God; not husband, wife, and government. Marriage licenses substitute Humanism and its government in place of God. Anything designated “no-fault” arrogantly implies that there is no sin, thus mocking God. The divorce industry is a billion dollar industry, and no-fault combined with the war on men encourages divorce, with financial incentives for the wife. In better times, marriage was for life, which was better for the family and especially the children. Children reared without fathers in the home are not receiving the spiritual discipline necessary to mature into responsible adults, as our prison populations reveal.

The Florida Legislature is in clear violation of the Constitution and illegally prohibits the right to a jury trial, a right protected in Amendment VII of our Bill of Rights. Judges instead act as dictators and erode the family wealth, feeding a hungry industry that profits on the misery and destruction of families. Skip the license, find a church, and make Jesus the third cord.

Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr., Gainesville

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