Letter: Parents need to stand together

My name is Brent Line, and we are another family just like the Green family you wrote about. We have two kids that go to Lawton Chiles Elementary School. One is in kindergarten, and the other is in 5th grade. We were informed midday Tuesday that our parent-signed mask exemption form was not valid and that if we brought our kids to school the second day, they would be “quarantined” until we picked them up.

On the first day of school, my son was put in the back of his classroom with no other students in the chairs on either side of him!! When the class broke into groups for an activity, he had to do it by himself.

Parents need to get together and fight for our kids’ right to an education without having to wear a mask. If you’d like to join with other parents fighting against the Alachua County school mask mandate, send me an email at bline710@gmail.com

Brent Line, Gainesville

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