Letter: School dress codes are beneficial to both schools and students

Dear Editor,

Schools that possess a dress code should be praised. Schools make a place of education, and good principles try to keep the students focused on their education – and to do this, they may use a dress code. What children wear to school can either affect their education positively or negatively, so having a dress code is wise. 

Dress codes at schools are a smart way of keeping students pure and focused. Schools with dress codes act wisely and with determination to keep their students focused. Principals enact dress codes to keep students focused on their studies and their fellow classmates’ character rather than their outward appearance. 

A consequence of schools containing a dress code is that children will keep their attention on learning and their friends’ personalities. When one attends a school with a dress code, they will likely spend more time examining their classmates’ personalities and morals, rather than judging them on their outward appearance. It makes logical sense that if there is a dress code, there will be less bullying due to a student’s style choices. It makes it morally right for schools to have a dress code because it prevents students from dressing inappropriately. 

Young men and women become more likely to be treated with respect and honor if they dress appropriately, and this aids young men to think purely, which causes them to become more honorable. Is it beneficial to require a dress code because it saves time, energy, and money?  Everyone should agree that dress codes benefit all. 

Why should the school tell the students what to wear? Schools possess the right to tell their students what to wear because they are in charge of the students as long as they are on campus during school hours. Schools have the right to be free to tell their students what to wear because school leaders desire the best education for the students. If they believe that wearing a uniform will help students focus on their academics, then it should be respected. You should agree with why schools should be allowed to tell students what to wear.

Schools should also be allowed to tell students what to wear because students need to be trained about what is appropriate. These students are still young, so they might not make the most appropriate clothing decisions because they are still in the middle of learning what is modest and immodest. Most of the time, students will decide on clothes that are not appropriate for school because they are not thinking of how it will affect their focus or their classmates; they are mainly focused on whether or not they are in style. A simple solution to this problem is to have the school decide what they wear. So this idea about schools deciding what the students should wear should be agreed by all.

If schools have a dress code, then will students be bullied for how they look in their uniform? There will always be a bully, with or without a dress code. If a student is being bullied by another student because of how one looks in one’s uniform, it is logical to think that one would be bullied even if one wasn’t wearing a uniform. There will always be bullies, and they will always find someone to bully and something to bully them about. So this idea should be refuted immediately.

If students find their worth in God, then they will be less likely to be bothered by bullies making fun of how they physically look in a uniform. Everyone has been or will be made fun of in their lives, but if they find their worth in how they spiritually look more so than how they physically look, they will not be as affected by bullies making fun of how they look. So this idea of kids being bullied because of a mandatory uniform should be ignored and not thought of for one more moment.

But won’t dress codes cost the parents more money because they have to pay for uniforms? Having a dress code will actually save the parents money. Students who attend a school with a dress code will have to own 2 or 3 uniforms, unlike children who attend school without dress codes; they must own many outfits. So, logically thinking, a dress code saves the parents money rather than causing them to lose it.

Dress codes are successful in many ways. The most effective thing that a dress code does is remove distractions and cause students to focus on their academics. Students will keep their attention on their classmates’ personalities. There will be less bullying due to a student’s style choices. Guys and girls will be treated with more honor because they will be focused on their studies. Shouldn’t we require dress codes in schools?

Ruby Simone, Newberry

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  • While this focuses on students. There should also be a dress code for teachers.

    • Yep . they March in with political statements every day they show up, What an example.

      • Uniforms are a great idea ( but not the mandating of masks) and They should keep anything queer out of the learning
        Environment including the rainbow flag for lgbqxyz.
        It’s not appropriate to be indoctrinating young impressionable children and ruining their grammar with new pronouns that are confusing. Leave the sexual education out of the classroom until they reach puberty. It’s the parents job to deal with subjects like their child’s gender identity. Reading, writing, &
        Arithmetic and their proficiency at grade level should
        Be the goal.

    • They should randomly drug test teachers too if they
      aren’t doing that already.

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