Letter: Sign the Springs County petition


“No taxation without representation” is the well known colonial grievance of the American colonists against the British Monarchy during our War for Independence.

Today we face our own lack of representation in Alachua County, where both Republican candidates for County Commission were defeated by the status quo Democrats that ignore core issues in this county that have gone unaddressed for a generation.

From the state’s highest income inequality and horrible roads to the second-highest combined millage property tax rate in Florida and the highest electric rates in all 67 counties, Alachua County politicians and Democrats simply do not care.

It’s time to work towards a better future for citizens that are fed up with the status quo and feel they have zero voice in how this county is run. It’s time to work for Springs County.

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Please join the growing list of county citizens working to make this dream a reality by going to www.Springscounty.com and signing the petition. It’s time to Unite for Springs County and leave the embarrassment that is Alachua County behind to those who celebrate the status quo.

Allen Robert, Gainesville

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