Letter: State Attorney Brian Kramer is weak on crime

Open letter to Governor DeSantis:

Thank you for removing Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren.

Closer to home, please be aware that State Attorney of the Eighth Judicial Circuit is weak on crime and failing law abiding citizens.

Anyone who reads the crime reports in the Alachua Chronicle should be deeply concerned that the State Attorney is WEAK ON CRIME.

Brian Kramer is the State Attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit that includes Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union counties. Many people that I’ve spoken with, including many law enforcement officers, believe that the State Attorney is failing law-abiding citizens.

Law enforcement is working hard to apprehend violent criminals while the State Attorney fails to prosecute them.

Almost every day, the Alachua Chronicle posts another story about a convicted felon in possession of a firearm having their charges dropped by the State Attorney instead of being sent back to prison. Violent, repeat felons are routinely having their charges dropped and being turned back on the street instead of being prosecuted.

As the State Attorney, Brian Kramer is an embarrassment to law-abiding citizens. Kramer is WEAK ON CRIME and has misplaced priorities.

Kramer’s recent “woke” OpEd in the Gainesville Sun (“State attorney creating way for former felons to determine voting eligibility“) is a textbook example of misplaced priorities under his failed leadership. In the OpEd, Kramer states that he has created an entirely new program at taxpayer expense to help restore the voting rights of convicted felons. This is not the role of the State Attorney.

The Clerk of the Court, not the State Attorney, is responsible for determining whether all fines, fees, costs, and restitution ordered as part of the felony sentence have been paid by convicted felons seeking to restore their voting rights under Amendment 4.

The State Attorney should be focusing on prosecuting criminals instead of constantly dropping charges and creating an entirely new program at taxpayer expense to help restore the voting rights of convicted felons. Under Brian Kramer, violent criminals seemingly have more rights than victims of violent crime.

When not wasting taxpayer money to be “woke,” Kramer seems to spend the rest of his day campaigning to get his liberal Democrat-recently-turned-NPA employee elected as Circuit Court judge over a lifelong Republican. Yes, you read that correctly. In addition to being weak on crime, wasting taxpayer money being “woke” instead of prosecuting violent criminals, and constantly dropping charges, Kramer is also a RINO who is endorsing a lifelong Democrat for Circuit Court judge.

It would be interesting to see if the State Attorney is running a judicial campaign to elect a Democrat at taxpayer expense. Perhaps this should be investigated along with why violent felons are routinely having their charges dropped instead of being prosecuted.

In closing, Governor DeSantis, I commend you for fighting to make Florida a state of freedom and liberty, but please pay attention to what is going on in Alachua County. As the State Attorney, Brian Kramer is a weak-on-crime RINO who is an absolute embarrassment to law-abiding citizens. Judicial elections are also very important for our state, in addition to the School Board candidates. We have a great opportunity to elect a lifelong Republican as judge who has already served the state of Florida with integrity. Please help us as Governor and make your preferences known.

Lloyd Bailey, Jr., Newberry

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • If the goal is “fighting to make Florida a state of freedom and liberty”, why put more people in prison and jail when they can’t prove the charge? We wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone like Matt Gaetz or 45 would we?

    • Read the number of cases where extremely violent felons are released to prey on the hard working citizens in the 8th circuit. There are cases where criminals have 11 felonies and are released.

      • Can they prove it? If they can’t, they’re just wasting our money and not focusing on the criminals that they can protect us from.

      • Excellent letter…. You hit the nail on head where Kramer Rhino is endorsing life
        Long democrat. Brewer is jenkum (sp?)… fermented crap.

  • I’m sure there is a paragraph in the SAO employee hand book that prohibits campaigning while on company time.
    Of course that makes no difference as he is above the law in his mind.
    Governor, get with it and remove this RINO from office and appoint someone who has a backbone to clean the 8th circuit up.

  • Unfortunately I am having to deal with the criminal, justice system in this district (Gainesville) since 2020. What I’ve learned is that the police are incompetent on the ground and the leadership there and at city hall want crime numbers reduced by any means necessary, including denial of bad cops doing bad things. Bad investigations and cover-up of cases by GPD forces the SA to drop many cases that should have been prosecuted. That and the ridiculous amount of petty prosecutions like the Boshardt SWAT raid and others make prosecutor’s discretion a necessary evil, you simply can’t take everyone to trial. So plea deals rule the day and society suffers. Truth and justice are the casualties of a broken system.

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