Letter: State sovereignty

My sovereign state, the Republic of Florida, joined the federal Republic of these United States, under the constitution of 1787. Under this constitution, the states granted limited powers to the federal government. All other powers are clearly retained by the people or the sovereign states. Under this agreement, ratified by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, no state shall be compelled to obey any dictate of the federal government that violates the constitution by usurpation of illegitimate powers.

The courts are meant to be the weakest branch of the federal government; they can only render opinions and have no power over the purse or the sword. Neither the president, congress, nor sovereign states are obliged to obey the courts without support of the executive or legislative branches. Unfortunately our legislative branches are made up of criminals and cowards, unrestrained by an ignorant population that has taken freedom for granted.

Nullification is supported in Federalist #51 and in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. The power of nullification is currently being used by the more lawful states in our Republic.

Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr.
Gainesville, FL

  • The Supreme Courts of our States and Federal governments are designed to examine how the lower courts have interrupted the laws under the respective constitutions. So they simply act to support the individual rights established under those constitutions.

    As we know, corporations have become individuals due to the Federal Supreme Court decision on campaign funding. And Dark Money is now flowing in by billions from many dark sources that don’t even really care if they are revealed.

    But do we really think that this has not been done from the beginning of our life on earth…clans, territorial groups, settlements, nation states and countries?

    • Thank you Jerry. I submit….There is no greater influence than that of an educated electorate.

  • Expecting courts to “interpret” the very constitution that created them exemplifies the greatest folly. The Constitution for the United States of America, written in plain English, requires no interpretation. It clearly states what it means in language easily understood by most educated people. “Interpreting” sections like the commerce clause, gold and silver as lawful money, the right to keep and bear arms, and creating extra-legal administrative courts opened the door for all kinds of mischief.

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