Letter: Statement from High Springs Commission Candidate Linda Jones

I’ve had several of my supporters complain to me that comments to a local site regarding my opponent Mr. Grunder were negative and therefore would not be placed on their site. After a couple of positive posts, the author closed responses.

This person said she was disappointed that he did not attend the last commission meeting (on October 27) and instead attended a meet-and-greet at the brewery. This was an important meeting regarding the second reading of Bridlewood. Many residents showed up to express their concerns.

This is a fact, not a negative comment.

He also showed up at City Hall holding his sign at the end of the meeting.

A question has been raised as to whether he and his wife are registered voters because the Voter Information Lookup site returns, “Voter record was not found in Alachua County or is protected from public disclosure.” I thought perhaps this is confidential for police officers, but our own Police Chief and Sheriff are not excluded.

I’m sure Mr. Grunder is a wonderful husband and father, and I thank him for his service as a police officer. But people have questions that should be part of the public record, not just one-on-one at a meet-and-greet.

As for myself, I have an extensive voting record. I have an open line of communication publicly and welcome communication from the public by phone, email, and text. My votes, though not always popular, are well thought out. My integrity is unquestioned.

My “comportment” at meetings shows my passion for truth. I’ve had issues with two commissioners and the city attorney. If elected, I will continue to question issues I feel need to be brought to the attention of our citizens.

Linda Jones
High Springs Commissioner
Candidate for Re-Election, Seat 3

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  • “’Voter record was not found in Alachua County or is protected from public disclosure.’” I thought perhaps this is confidential for police officers, but our own Police Chief and Sheriff are not excluded.”

    State law allows multiple exemptions for the individual to invoke for non-disclosure.

  • From the outside looking in, it appears the typical political move of “attack my opponent” is occurring here. All information, posts, letters, etc. from the Grunder campaign has focused on his experiences, beliefs, views, and ideas whereas this is a clear attack. I think as a leader, you should focus on building yourself up rather than trying to tear down your opponent. As a voter, these are the things I look for on who NOT to vote for. Thank you for solidifying my choice to vote for Tristan Grunder.

  • I would like to challenge Linda’s statement regarding her “unquestioned integrity.” I firmly believe that once you shift from promoting yourself and your values to degrading your opponent, your integrity automatically comes into question. There are now multiple avenues in which this has taken place from Linda Jones. What I have seen from her two opponents’ campaigns has simply been self-promotion. I loose respect for candidates in any election once they make this move. It would serve her better to try and share her platform, not attempt to break down everyone else’s. This moved confirmed my decision not to vote for Linda Jones.

    • I completely agree! It says a lot about a person, especially someone who should be a leader, to speak this way. I also find it humorous that Linda Jones is pointing fingers, when her campaign is the one who has continuously placed her signs covering others candidates signs visibility.
      It appears to me she doesn’t have decent values and ideas to stand on so has resorted to the criticism.
      I would encourage Linda Jones and her campaign team to focus on researching her platform as opposed to looking up her opponents voter registration.

  • I find that candidates begin trying to tear down their competitors once they realize they have reason to worry. A lot of people are liking what Tristan Grunder has to say, realizing he truly has the best interest of High Springs at heart, which is why Linda Jones seems to have transitioned into degrading her opponent’s campaign, rather than promoting her own.

    Vote GRUNDER on 11/8!!

  • Linda Jones ran her campaign like she held office…..publicly and personally attacking those who disagreed with her, instead of addressing High Springs issues. Fortunately, this did not go unnoticed by the voters. Tristen will be a welcome change.

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