Letter: Thank you, Publix, for hiring “special” people

Dear Editor,

One of the reasons I love Publix (in Florida) is the employees they choose – and these wonderful people stick with them. Here’s a shout-out to a specific employee who may have traits of Asperger Syndrome, but what a neat guy. I love talking sports with him. 

And then there was the “little girl” who wanted to be a Hollywood star – great little talks as she took my groceries to the car. Yes, she would be in a special ed class – but what a neat young person.

When I saw the hit piece on our governor and Publix – I was PISSED. Shoddy partisan journalism at its worse. CBS and Sixty Minutes owe me and many a sincere apology. I would rather watch Sponge Bob for my news at this point. 

When you hear a blatant lie – not just something you disagree with – raise hell.

And for those of us in special education – we need to stand up and give great shout-outs to corporations that not only hire those we work with, but treat them with respect. Thank you, Publix

Kenneth U. Campbell

  • Great letter.
    And Publix is the best, for so many reasons, including this.

  • Thanks Ken for the SPECIAL shoutout to an organization that stands for true values. Quite evident in their employees and their management. Rank right up there with Chick-fil-A and their values. Don’t see many liberals boycotting THEIR chicken in Gainesville…must be an addiction.

    On second thought…just their continued hypocrisy.

  • Publix, is an employee-owned supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. They employ over 190 thousand people. Last year during the plandemic, Publix was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, at #39.
    I speak with employees at several stores in Gainesville who radiate a family oriented ethic. One day last year an employee brought her autistic12 yo son into the store to meet with the manager. The boy was laughing and very happy to see his friend and – like me – was not wearing a mask. Today I was un-masked in Publix at the Exchange Shopping Center to purchase a small package of common ear-loop masks in order to inspect the surface for friability and particulates under microscopy. Not finding any masks in the usual isle, I asked customer service for help. They couldn’t find the mask display either. The pharmacy tech was able to locate a small – almost hidden display of masks hanging on a hook. I bought a pack of 10 masks for 40 cents each plus tax. The polymer-based masks are made in Taiwan, The label warns users against possible allergy to “non-woven fabrics”. (polymers) Also, “not intended for settings where infection risk through inhalation is high.”

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