Letter: Thank you, Publix, for hiring “special” people

Dear Editor,

One of the reasons I love Publix (in Florida) is the employees they choose – and these wonderful people stick with them. Here’s a shout-out to a specific employee who may have traits of Asperger Syndrome, but what a neat guy. I love talking sports with him. 

And then there was the “little girl” who wanted to be a Hollywood star – great little talks as she took my groceries to the car. Yes, she would be in a special ed class – but what a neat young person.

When I saw the hit piece on our governor and Publix – I was PISSED. Shoddy partisan journalism at its worse. CBS and Sixty Minutes owe me and many a sincere apology. I would rather watch Sponge Bob for my news at this point. 

When you hear a blatant lie – not just something you disagree with – raise hell.

And for those of us in special education – we need to stand up and give great shout-outs to corporations that not only hire those we work with, but treat them with respect. Thank you, Publix

Kenneth U. Campbell