Letter: The economic consequences of unrestricted immigration

Millions of immigrants are legally and illegally migrating into our country, lowering our quality of life by overcrowding natural resources and infrastructure. This increased demand on public utilities, parks, schools, medical care, criminal justice, social services, multilingual services, and highways puts a burden on the families that have been paying taxes for many generations. Children will inherit an economic disaster and will not experience the natural beauty of the American landscape.

This overcrowding is damaging our environment; the once-pristine Florida springs are being ruined. The parents and grandparents of new immigrants have paid nothing to build this nation.

Immigration must be responsibly managed, and Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution mandates that we must be guaranteed a republican form of government and be protected from invasion. If this is not corrected, Florida and many other states will be ruined.

Both political parties are responsible as man attempts to reconstruct the infamous Tower of Babel. As before, this will not end well.

Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr., Gainesville

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  • We must not devolve into lawlessness!
    From individuals to school-boards, to cities, to counties we have growing irreverence for our laws!

  • Dem leaders from top to bottom know their livelihoods and elections depend on prolonging the misfortune and misery of their gullible voters. And if anyone objects, they’re called a “racist”. Plus, their biggest fear is being compared to Hitler, even though our republic and other democracies predated Nazi Germany — which also relied on cheap labor to build up their own one party system.

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