Letter to the editor: Please support making dog grooming an essential business

Dear Editor,

I’ll admit that I was so pleased to see the public outcry on the Alachua County page regarding the shutdown of dog grooming. Many of you agree with me that it is an essential business and that we need to keep the fur babies healthy.

To be clear, Alachua County initially deemed grooming to be an essential business, and I was able to operate, but the governor’s order has now superseded the County’s.

I encourage each of you to send off an email in support of making grooming an essential business. Please share your thoughts on why you feel it is essential, especially if your pet has skin conditions or you are unable to do the grooming yourself. I have provided the emails to send your letters to.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me in support of my contribution to your lives. I have been overwhelmed, and it is very touching! Thank you so very much and please stay safe!

Jamie Blackford, Pawsitive Expressions

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