Letter: Vote for Walt Boyer for District 3 Soil and Water Board

My name is Walt Boyer, and I am running for Alachua County District 3 Soil and Water Board. The reason I am running for this seat is to be a “speedbump” between the Alachua County government and Alachua County property owners, which includes our farmers/ranchers.

While a concern for the quality of our soil and of our water is laudable, our farmers and ranchers are probably the best equipped to understand those quality concerns. Everything they do is predicated on having high-quality soil and clean plentiful water, from growing the crops to raising the cattle that we as humans need in order to exist.

I feel there needs to be a voice on this board that reflects more than just the urban core voice in Alachua County. The decisions that come from this board shape the policies that our Board of County Commissioners follow and implement through regulation and taxation. If left unchallenged, I feel that the end goal of this board would be to have our farmers and ranchers regulated out of existence, as well as the real possibility that the County will use those regulations as a revenue source and a way to control other property owners in the county. If left unchallenged, this board would push every climate change narrative in order to get those regulations implemented.

I am not a climate change “denier” and recognize that our planet is constantly going through changes and has been for several billions of years. We have gone through extreme cooling as well as extreme heat cycles, and one always follows the other. Man’s impact on this has been negligible, and no amount of money taken from people will change the cyclical nature of this truth. To this date, every single predicted climate catastrophe pushed by those who want to separate you from your money has been wrong.

I will say the following: let’s look at soil and water conservation as a conversation to be had WITH the input of everyone and not just the select few who believe they know what is best for all others. And if I am blessed enough to be chosen for this seat, this is what I will bring to the table for all Alachua County citizens.

Walt Boyer, Newberry
Candidate for Alachua County District 3 Soil and Water Board

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  • I hate demonrat BS policies, I will vote for him if I am in his district. Climate change is natural.

  • Neither am I a climate change “denier”. At the age of 13, 1963, I wrote a speech for the Four H Club State of Florida contest. My speech was on the affect of clear cutting forest and soil erosion.

    When I visit Nevada at the age of 9, I retrieved a fossil in the mountains that was identified as sea worms by the UF Geological Department.

    Farms and Ranches have become more concerned about our natural environment. Changes are being made in a very positive way to protect our environment. The real problem is associated with residential build out, yard fertilizer, poor retention pond clarification and poor quality water flowing into the ultimate storm water release point of our natural streams and rivers.

    Shall I mention now our very destructive biomass plant operated by GRU? The same company that built this plant is now installing off shore windmills along the Northeast coast of the US. And their funding is coming from European sources for wood pellets as well.

    • The UN’s great reset plan for the greater good of mankind addresses climate change …are you for or against installing technology in our bodies that determines our carbon footprint as a means to stop global warming?

      • Anytime something is presented with the words “for the greater good”, it exposes itself as having its roots based in Marxism. One should never give up individual liberty for the “greater good” because at some point the mob mentality of that “greater good” will not hesitate to devalue your life.

        • the WHO & CDC quarantined and masked us for the greater good…
          The quarantines resulted in a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.
          Was that a good thing?

          • considering neither the quarantines nor masking achieved its stated purpose of stopping the spread of Covid, and instead wrecked a thriving economy, deprived children of a normal education, increased mental illness and suicides just to name a few negative impacts, I would emphatically state it was not a good thing.

  • are Weather Modification Programs being used in the skies above the UF Campus in Gainesville?

  • Cattle ranching on grass and growing forage (hay) are far superior ways to fight CO2 emissions compared to more suburban sprawl on clear cut lands. It’s also far superior for protecting the groundwater.
    Our greedy elected city and county tax revenue whores actually believe the opposite. When science proves I am correct.
    Forage and grass fed cattle absorbs nitrates from soil and CO2 from the air. Trees absorb both, as well as nitrogen from the air. Clearcutting and paving former farmlands and woods greatly increases “manmade climate change” and groundwater pollution.
    I don’t believe the global climate change doomsday cult, but do understand local pollution. Save the farms, ranches and woods.

    • Keep people in smart cities and do away with fossil fuels a la agenda 30? Public transportation and electric cars?

    • I like to eat meat. I don’t care about farting cows and “bacon tastes good”…

  • The Alachua Chronicle is my favorite place to go to hear people who get the Agricultural Exemption warn of the perils of Marxism.

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