Letter: Where is the outrage regarding racist comments about Senator Tim Scott?

Dear Editor, 
The many Democrat partisans and their Progressive allies shamed themselves with their blatant, bigoted, and disgusting comments toward Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Such racist attacks have NO place in today’s America. The mere fact that there is no outrage from the left on these racist activities bothers me greatly. I thought until about a decade ago that we were making substantive progress in this country on race relations. I have watched us go backwards faster and faster. Sadly, there seem to be political powers invested in failure. The racist slurs and slams against Senator Tim Scott are only the tip of this horrid iceberg. Who will speak out?

Kenneth U. Campbell
Gainesville, Florida

  • There’s a lot the left is doing right now that needs to be called out… what is starting to happen is that the “Racist Cards” are becoming worthless now. This new WOKE agenda has pushed too many people too far, and we see the votes with the feet now. Unfortunately this behavior won’t stop, because they keep ‘doubling’ down on attempts to illicit hate and fear in the population. When this fails, they will have a back-up attack to use to engage new fear, and new hate. Sadly…

  • Democrats are the original racist who institutionalized slavery. They are just showing there true colors

  • Every 4 years the liberals play the race card to keep their “plantations” manned. When people actually “wake” to see how liberals are utilizing oppression as a means of maintaining their power over them and keep their position in government there will be a true awakening of how they’ve been used for political purposes.

    Don’t be fooled, this is the real reason liberals wish to keep minorities dependent on their handouts.

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