Letter: You can’t fix stupid

Dear Editor,

It is said that the people always get the government they deserve, and in cases involving liberty, it is usually taken for granted. We have two major political parties that regularly threaten our republic: the “evil party” and the “stupid party.” One party strives to promote sexual immorality, murder babies, and plunder the property of the working class, and the other party, which claims to be the opposite, does exactly the same while professing virtue. The Democrats are Communists as described in the Communist Manifesto, and the Republicans are the party of Romney, McCain, McConnell, Cheney, Bush, Graham, and many other liars and thieves.

Most grassroots Republicans desire limited government and liberty but continue to re-elect Neoconservative Deep State criminals.

The solution for the “stupid party” is to primary unfaithful representatives, yet stupid is as stupid does.

In Judicial Circuit 8, we have Nathan Skop, a proven conservative Republican with more degrees than a thermometer running against Liberal Democrat Sean Brewer. Brewer and his boss at the State Attorney’s office, Brian Kramer, have a habit of dropping charges on violent felons committing gun crimes, and business is good for the criminal defense attorneys as someone is shot just about every day in Communist Alachua County. Could it be that Democrats want more gun crimes to justify disarming all law abiding citizens? Democrats have taken over the judiciary and State Attorney offices across our nation, as made clear by the national failure to enforce our laws.

In Florida, judicial candidates are forbidden to share their positions and values. In my opinion, this is a clear First Amendment violation and not unique, as our Florida Legislature is in violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights in many areas. The campaign signs of Nathan Skop are being institutionally vandalized by criminals that want Sean Brewer to win. Could it be that a favor is owed to Brewer and Kramer for dropping charges on the many miscreants that they have released?

In the State House District 22 Republican Primary, we have constitutional conservative Christian Ty Appiah, who is challenging career government employee Chuck Clemons, a nice guy but no conservative. Chuck recently voted for Red Flag laws in Florida. This is a liberal trap that threatens our right to bear arms and is completely unconstitutional. Chuck is a RINO and historically a Democrat. In my opinion, it is a conflict of interest for a government employee to serve as a representative. Additionally, Chuck is not available to meet with constituents. Chuck has betrayed his district, and he does not stand up to the Establishment. Clemons’ campaign cards openly project unconstitutional behavior and unrealistic claims.

Inflation is caused by the symbiotic relationship between the federal government and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve; it is a monetary phenomenon over which the states have no control. Ty is as solid of a constitutional candidate that you will ever meet; he will honor his oath to the constitution, which is very evident after hearing him speak.

In Congressional District 3, we have Justin Waters challenging Neoconservative Kat Cammack. Kat begs for campaign money every week with ridiculous claims that are not possible with the Democrats in control of Congress. Cammack openly admits to violations of the constitution. She recently voted to codify homosexual marriage and to impose this on the states. This vote alone eliminates any conservative pedigree that she might claim. Kat recently voted to give Beijing Biden authority in the NDAA to give aid to the Ukrainian government, which is as corrupt as ours. In a recent phone town hall with Cammack, she told a caller that she would try to transfer COVID money to hire security in the schools. There is nothing legal or constitutional in this claim. Kat is fundamentally dishonest. The founders created two-year terms in the House to serve as a term limit for unfaithful representatives. The only way this can work is with informed voters that demand constitutional loyalty. Remember the part about the “stupid party”. Our Republic will not last much longer unless the people demand loyalty.

Finally, we have James Shaw running for Agriculture Commissioner. He is clearly the better choice after reviewing his website. DeSantis is endorsing Neoconservative Wilton Simpson, and while DeSantis is the best governor in my lifetime, his record as a congressman was unfaithful. Wilton Simpson infamously deserves credit for obstructing constitutional carry in Florida; he is not a friend to gun owners and families that have the God-given right of self-defense. The Commissioner of Agriculture oversees all concealed carry permits in Florida; clearly Wilton Simpson is a horrible choice. The right to bear arms is under serious attack; Simpson needs to go back to the farm and stay out of Tallahassee.

In the wisdom of Ben Franklin, he told a citizen at the conclusion of the 1787 Constitutional Convention that our new form of government was a republic if you can keep it. This warning has never held more significance than today. Our nation will not survive much longer if Republicans continue to reward unfaithful representatives. An oath is to be obeyed 100% and there is no excuse for deliberate violations, no more than the oath of marriage should be violated. President James Garfield said that the people are responsible for the character of the congress; if that body be immoral and corrupt, it is because the people have become immoral and corrupt. There is no more room for excuses for the Republican Party. All Democrats are Communists, and all Communists are liars, so any Republican that supports a Democrat will get the government they deserve.

God save Our Republic!

Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr., Newberry

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  • We can definitely count on Lloyd Bailey to share the truth, straight up, no matter what.
    And time has proven him correct on just about everything he has shared with us over the many years that I have heard him speak and write about politics and government, both local and national.
    I hope that people pay attention to this.

  • washington is so corrupt it is beyond fixing through the ballot box
    or jury box, there is only one box left, the cartridge box.

    “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box. – Frederick Douglass

    • Agree. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that but it’s not looking good.

  • Law Glitz has changed words in my letter. Inflation is a MONETARY phenomenon; not financial. Federal reserve notes do not meet the constitutional definition of money.

  • Law Gliz also changed words to imply that countries have no control over inflation. That is false. Governments and Central banks are the only cause for inflation. Also I wrote the solution for the stupid party is to primary unfaithful representatives; not primarily! It is dishonest to copy my article, change words and leave my name as the author.

  • Excellent summation of the current mess that is our government. Well done sir.

  • You can’t fix it and you can’t teach it either.
    Especially when so many in the community fall into the latter.

  • We have more than Skop and Brewer running for Judge. While Skop may be very qualified, I personally think his skills would serve the greater good as a member of the city council or county commission.

    Brewer should not even be an option.

    If someone is pro-law enforcement, pro-enforcing the laws, pro-an honest, humble, fair, judge that will not hesitate to be tough on crime than they should vote for Dan Weisman. He is the only candidate with experience in prosecution, defense and civil law. He is the only one voted as the toughest gang buster attorney in Florida for putting bad guys away for bad crimes. Skop has name recognition but Weisman is most qualified for this position at a time when everyone is getting ROR’d or reduced charges.

    Do your homework. There are more than two candidates and one underdog that should clearly win. He is too humble of a public servant to plaster himself everywhere which is ideally what we should want. #VoteForDanTheHumbleToughMan

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