Lines forming at precincts after running out of Republican ballots

Voters wait in line in Newberry


ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Lines are forming at the Alachua County Agriculture and Equestrian Center in Newberry and at the Civic Center in High Springs after the precincts ran out of Republican ballots. Ballots are reportedly on the way, and voters are asked to wait.

Ed Braddy, Chair of the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee, said he was in High Springs, where about 50 Republican voters are waiting for the ballots to be delivered. He said the clerk waited until there were 2 ballots left on the pad to ask for more. “The pattern of Republicans voting after work on Election Day is well-established, so this amounts to voter suppression by incompetence,” Braddy said.

  • Don’t overreact my Conservative homies.. this is more of a inconvenience and a show of incompetence.. voter suppression Is closing polling places the day of the Election or intentionally bringing fewer voting machines or not allowing Souls to The Polls or not being able to hand out water or food.. or 60 percent of Florida voting to restore the rights of Felons being able to Vote and Republicans found a way to illegally keep them from casting a vote.. and those who did are made a example of by a douche canoe of a Governor..

    • Maybe you can order one of the Trumpy Bear dolls and punch it over and over instead of trying to take out your “red wave” anger here in the comments. That’s assuming weekly psychotherapy is beyond your financial means. Look at Biden and the VP (and the whole ghastly/ghoulish crew) before you start talking about others. You and your comrades shouldn’t expect to come here and vomit out a lot of BS as some sort of personal catharsis and not be called on it.

    • Geezus…Sounds like you’re one of those who expect someone to provide for your basic needs. Bring your own water to go with all that whine.

    • Being told to wait around outside for a ballot to exercise my right to vote with it raining on and off is more than an inconvenience.

    • Based on your comment, you should consider changing your user name to Special Ed.

    • You got it Kat! Another democrap caused problem, but since it didn’t happen to them there is no need to march on city hall saying we’ve been disenfranchised because of our race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

  • This is the fault of the Precinct Clerk and/or Deputy Clerk.
    Ballot Distributors are required to NOT request a new stack of blank ballots (from the Clerk) until they are down to one or two remaining in the pad.
    The Clerk should know how many total stacks they have, and know when they need to call for more.
    This case sounds like the Clerk wasn’t keeping track of his stock.
    (I’m in no way handwaving this… It’s absolute BS and needs to be addressed in future elections… Like so MANY other things that our SoE screws up.)

    • This is NOT the Precinct Clerk and/or Deputy Clerk’s fault. Shame on the SOE for not sending enough ballots to these precincts in the first place. The SOE has plenty of voter data to use to estimate ballot quantities. The SOE is responsible for stocking the precinct. The poll workers can’t control that.

      • Bill, while I agree that many precincts were not sent a sufficient quantity of ballots (my precinct being one), it was MY responsibility as Clerk to keep track of the inventory and get more from the SOE office prior to running out, or getting so low, that voters had to wait.

  • What a shocker… I can’t believe ittt. Didn’t see that coming….. Sarcasm

  • Typical. Notice how workers and taxPayers vote on Election Day — AFTER work? Less chance of being rigged by absentee and mail in ballots — but short-changed anyway 😡🤬

  • If only Kim Barton had her trusted sidekick T.J. Pyche to help her make sure there are plenty of non certified ballots on hand.

  • Classic. Besides harvesting and enlisting votes from beyond the grave, they have a million ways to suppress voting and tip the balance on close elections–you must never underestimate them.

    “Oops we supplied the wrong kind of pens, oops there was a problem with the vote scanner but only in certain convenient areas, oops we printed the wrong ballots, oops we changed your voting precinct into somewhere far less convenient, etc. etc…”.

  • They KNOW how many registered Republicans are registered and where they are so there is no excuse for not having enough ballots available. Seems kinda sketchy that this seems to happen to ONLY Republicans in Blue counties.

  • Working as Clerk in an outlying county precinct that is primarily Republican, I could easily have run out of those ballots. But, I knew how many I had to start with (not nearly enough). Before the Ballot Distributors got to a critical level, called the SOE office, and they brought me more. Apparently, some Clerks weren’t paying attention.

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