Live turnout data available for 2020 General Election

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

 Live voter turnout data for the 2020 General Election is available on the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections’ website.

Updated in real time, the data is available at VoteAlachua.com/Elections/Turnout-Tracker.

Data can be filtered based on precinct, party, date, location and type of vote (early voting, vote-by-mail or Election Day).

  • Just looked at the tracker. This is the first time to see it. Disturbing.
    I thought this information, that will certainly influence the votes of the uncommitted voters, would not be disclosed until election.
    It appears that the elections office is trying to help.

  • We need to elect more Republicans and do more voter suppression to stop such open and transparent information being placed on the internet. This is what happens when liberal Democrats run Alachua County.
    Thank goodness this will never happen in Springs County, where there will be a one party system. Only the John Birch Party will be allowed. Springs County will use the Soviet model of secret elections, because even though we Conservatives hate Communists, we Republicans love their voting system. Oh for the Glory in our Fascist Utopia of Springs County and our County Motto “Liburls: be across the county line before sundown.”.

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