Local bill for Alachua County Commission single-member districts advances with amendment


A local bill that would amend the Alachua County Home Rule Charter to require the election of county commissioners in single member districts was reported favorably out of the Florida House Local Administration and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Wednesday. The vote was 17-0 in favor of the amended bill, with Rep. Webster Barnaby absent.

Before voting, Rep. Chuck Clemons amended the bill to change it from seven commissioners (one per district plus two at-large) to five commissioners (one per district). In presenting his amendment, he told the committee, “We’ve heard from voters and electors across the county: they don’t want to expand the county commission at all.” If the bill is passed by the legislature, the referendum will be placed on the November 8, 2022, ballot.

The only public comment was from lobbyist Thomas Griffin, who represents Alachua County; he submitted a “waive in opposition” form, which expresses opposition without requiring an appearance.

  • Thank God, DeSantis will rescue us! Next will be Gainesville, but that could be more complicated than just districts.

  • Not so fast my friends…

    While this is good news don’t get too excited. It’s only passed the first hurdle to get on the ballot. Even if it gets on the ballot we have to hope there are some common sense liberals who will vote in favor of such a measure.

    I guess that’s quite the oxymoron.

  • It’s going to require a MASSIVE get out the vote movement if this is ever going to pass. There are about 40,000 more Democrats than Republicans in this county. So a massive red wave is required and the blue wave needs to be missing.

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