Local cancer survivor and fitness instructor publishes Cancer Comeback Series

Press release from Fitz Koehler

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Cancer patients and survivors around the globe are enhancing their odds of recovery, thanks to Fitz Koehler, a Gainesville resident and a two-time Gator graduate. She has pioneered a groundbreaking new book series featuring titles such as Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to Strong, My Noisy Cancer Comeback, and the Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal.

Having recently battled cancer herself, Koehler drew from her personal journey and her Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences from UF to create the Cancer Comeback Series. This comprehensive series comprises an easily understandable instructional guidebook filled with illustrative photos, designed to assist individuals in harnessing the power of exercise and nutrition both during and after their treatment. Additionally, it includes an inspiring memoir filled with both humorous and heart-wrenching anecdotes, along with a vibrant journal for patients to chronicle their transformative journey from sickness to strength.

Koehler passionately coaches cancer patients to approach exercise with self-compassion, emphasizing the importance of staying active. Her approach discourages full-time rest, as it can lead to muscle loss, fatigue, tightness, and loss of balance. Instead, her books encourage readers to engage in exercises even while seated, perform strengthening routines in bed, take walks, and do soothing stretches in the shower.

Koehler is elated that her guidance for those enduring chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other treatments has garnered support from numerous oncologists across America. Notably, Dr. Lucio Gordan, the president and managing physician at Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, hails her work as “an excellent resource for patients battling and recovering from cancer and therapy.”

In addition to exercise, Koehler also addresses the complexities of nutrition during cancer treatment. She simplifies this crucial aspect in a chapter titled “Foods That Help vs. Foods That Hurt.” Having personally experienced difficulties with her own stomach during 15 months of chemotherapy, she worked diligently to demystify this vital aspect of cancer care. She remarks, “It’s astonishing how many people reach for vitamin C when they have a cold but forget that food can provide powerful protection from infections and more during cancer care.”

Incorporating abundant guidance on exercise, nutrition, quality rest, and complementary care, Fitz’s books offer invaluable lessons on mental resilience and extend support to caregivers. She emphasizes that patients have more power than they may realize and that focusing on their health is paramount during their battle with cancer.

Fitz’s books have enjoyed global success, with notable sales in countries like Poland and France. The Cancer Comeback Series is available in various formats through major retailers worldwide and can also be purchased, along with the author’s signature and bonus gifts, at Fitzness.com.

      • Good for you. People increasingly appreciate nutrition and mental health as the best medicine.

        • Agreed. For something as severe as cancer, I truly believe in Western medicine, but we have incredible power to increase our odds with exercise, and nutrition as fortified resiliency. They’re
          also a full-blown cure for many other ailments!

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