Local schools will be open as usual on Tuesday; rumor of all-digital is a hoax


Alachua County Public Schools wants students and families to know that a message circulating on social media that schools will be going entirely digital on Tuesday, Feb. 16, is a hoax.

Schools will be open and operating normally on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Schools and district offices are closed on Monday, Feb. 15, for the President’s Day Holiday.

  • Hence part of the problem in today’s society…people actually believe everything they read on social media platforms.

    Orson Welles would have a field day with those knuckleheads.

      • Anyone who believes that Covid19 is anything
        More than the seasonal flu is a brainwashed
        Covidean. Government, the MSM, the public school system & others have brainwashed everyone into this medical tyranny of an invisible enemy and that
        People are dying…it’s all a “big lie” to destroy
        The United States, take away inalienable Rights,
        Redistribute the wealth with the printing of $….
        Ashes ashes all fall down…the useful idiots turned
        The earth into the prison planet. You cannot have
        Peace without freedom & liberty…I would rather be free than be inside the guided cage of a tyrannical
        Government. Stimulus money and covid relief money can’t buy you happiness…now, take your
        Mask off, go to work, & live a normal life again…
        You are in control of your destiny, you can think
        For yourself…

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