Lonnie Scott, Sr., named Acting Chief of Police

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

Gainesville Police Department Chief Tony Jones has appointed Assistant Chief Lonnie Scott, Sr. as the Acting Chief of Police, while Chief Jones serves in an acting capacity in the City Manager’s Office as Chief Operating Officer.

Acting Chief Scott will assume this responsibility on Monday, January 17, 2022.

    • We don’t know the full story of deception yet when it comes to how the city uses nonprofits. It does concern me that the COP was reassigned during the most prolific crime surge seems suspect to me (pun intended), regardless of the reason (covid? Really?). I have serious issues with GPD and I’m sincerely concerned with the slight of hand manipulation of funds at GPD. The realignment of the city power structure seems to be a deliberate attempt to get that pesky audit “corrected”. Full commissions don’t hand over the power to a new interim city manager, they instill one to push their agenda in an attempt to look like their doing something or worse, just to set up the next scapegoat. Same as it ever was.

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