Make the bad man go away!


  • Nice Jake! The proportions are correct, “Lard-arsed” Harvey is much larger than any member of the porcine family. Ned Beatty in “Deliverance” ring a squeal?
    If he would just stop gorging himself on the taxpayers’ trough we might have a chance.

  • It seems like the story about this should have preceded the cartoon. What’s going on with Clemons and GRU?

    • Expand your news sources. Legislators are considering whether the PSC should have more control over municipal utilities.

      • Who changes the state laws illegally to fit their own ideas in Gainesville, why the city commission does! lol

          • Joe: the GNV CC wasted our tax money trying to usurp state law by trying to control gun regulations which the state of Fl has the ultimate say…all those who wasted our tax money should be fined and ineligible for office again…

    • I tell you one thing…GRU really F’d things up with putting in those smart meters….Have you ever tried contacting them to resolve a billing error? They’re terrible… My utility bills are so crazy high…they should never have gone with Biomass…It was Hanrahan that ruined GRU trying to comply with Kyoto Protocol. Good idea to have the PSC control GRU’s rates.

  • Thank God for the Constitution and divided powers, the state can correct local errors. Gainesville will keep them busy.

  • Gainesville, without UF, is a burg. It is not large enough to have the economies of scale to justify it’s own utility. Our gru bill is strictly a taxing vehicle.

      • Yeah. Ride your bike or walk will stop climate change…bikes need tags and registration and front & rear lights and reflectors and need to pay for their own bike lanes…streets are meant for cars.

  • The failed , clueless Harvy Ward and now Byran Eastman are proud of how they ripoff GRU Customers and Taxpayers with the highest ,unjustified rates anywhere close to us. I guess they have not read the Google reviews and Social Media. We are going to move foward on your new special regulations Commisioners so suck it up buttercup, enjoy you ill concieve raises while they last . Stay Tune, there’s a real Govenor in town . A real forensic audit will wipe that hog slooping grin off .

    • Yeah…i want to vote myself a raise too so I can pay my utility bill…they should be voting to lower our electric rates…the PSC needs to reign in on the CC’s
      Piggy bank. They need to lower taxes and cut their spending…maybe we need to sell GRU.

  • Didn’t take long for Ward’s true colors to show. And just confirm what we already knew.

  • I wonder if the “head in the sand” Gainesville city commison is working on thier exit strategy when they loose the GRU Cash Cow they have abused and mismanged.? Don’t ask the Gainesville Sin or WCJB they have either not reported or censored any articles about this GRU abuse issue. Buckle Up Gville. It’s going to be a well deserved wild ride. Who was quoted recently about “Chickens coming home to Roost? Your abuse of County Citizens that do not have a say in GRU Governence deserve reporations and a new utility option, Nothing Less, Smoke that in your equity pipe.

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