Man allegedly stabs neighbor over trash dispute


Billy Joe Wright, 48, was arrested yesterday afternoon after allegedly stabbing a neighbor over an ongoing dispute.

According to the arrest report, an Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to an apartment building in the Holly Heights area at about 1:00 p.m. yesterday. The victim said that he had confronted an upstairs neighbor about trash that was thrown on the ground and the neighbor became angry but went back to his apartment. The victim continued to sit outside his apartment with another man, and he said that the neighbor, later identified as Wright, came back downstairs, immediately approached the victim, punched him in the face, and stabbed him with an unknown object. The other man confirmed the victim’s account.

A short time later, Wright returned and was detained. Post Miranda, he reportedly told the deputy that he and the victim do not like each other and that he believed the victim had made threats on his life. Wright reportedly confirmed that the two had argued and that it had turned physical. He showed the deputy some marks on his face that he said were a result of the victim punching him. Wright reportedly told the deputy that after he was punched, he went back to his apartment to cool down, but that didn’t work, so he armed himself with what he initially said was a screwdriver, walked back down the stairs, and tried to stab the victim.

Following these statements, the deputy placed Wright under arrest and searched him, finding a butter knife in his pants pocket. Wright reportedly then said that the butter knife was the weapon used to stab the victim.

Wright has four violent felony convictions, with the most recent in 2019. He is being held on $15,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • It’d be interesting to see who the landlords are of the Holly Heights apts. Many are condos rented out. Apparently they don’t care nor screen tenants, and may be lawyers or judges who want a breeding farm of crime there. No other explanation could exist.

    • Are you nuts? It ain’t the landlord…it’s probably low income affordable housing…who else just throws trash on the floor and stabs someone with a knife? It’s a cultural thing. You know, some of Congressional Candidate Poes’ criminals he invites here so taxpayers
      Can give them free housing and a stipend so they “can
      Sorta build back better”…now he wants to load up GNV
      With Ukrainian refugees and load us up with all the criminals released from their jails…

      • Bring on the Ukrainian refugees. The two Ukrainians I have known personally are both very hard-working and industrious. Certainly not Democrat material.

  • $15,000 bail for aggravated battery? F-The SAO, they are allowing this to fester and it seems the only ones getting high bail are those with priviledge????????? Tell the head honcho in charge at the SAO to get his crap together and follow what Cervone did. This guy is a bafoon.

  • Mr. Wright was wrong but Gainesville could use his help in cleaning up downtown if he gets “Work Release” privileges.

    New trash campaign – “Pick It Up or Get Stuck.”

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