Man arrested after allegedly hitting girlfriend, then breaking into the apartment and threatening her children while she spoke to a deputy outside


Updated with information from First Appearance Order

Farad Omari Hutton, 33, was arrested early this morning after Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies responded to calls from his girlfriend, saying he had hit her, and from other family members who reported that three children were being threatened by Hutton inside the apartment while his girlfriend spoke to a deputy outside.

The incident began shortly after midnight at the Santa Fe Oaks apartment complex. After Hutton’s girlfriend called 911 to say he had hit her, a deputy responded and spoke with her outside the apartment, where he reported that he observed injuries to her face. She told the deputy that her children were inside the apartment and that she was concerned for their safety.

Meanwhile, the Combined Communications Center was receiving calls from family members who said they had received calls from the children and that one call had suddenly ended “when someone broke down the door.”

The deputy knocked on the door and waited for a response but eventually forced entry because children could be heard inside the apartment. The deputy reported that he saw Hutton at the top of the stairs, but Hutton reportedly ignored commands to come down and instead ran back upstairs, where the children could be heard. The deputy pursued Hutton up the stairs, where Hutton tried to barricade himself in the bathroom. The deputy didn’t know whether any children were in the bathroom, so he forced entry into the bathroom.

The deputy reported that Hutton then began violently resisting him and a second deputy; both deputies fell down the stairs while struggling with Hutton, but the deputies were eventually able to stun him with a Taser and take him into custody.

When deputies went back into the apartment to check on the children, they reportedly found a handgun on the floor of the bathroom where Hutton had been. The deputy noted that body-worn camera footage showed that there was no gun on the floor of the bathroom before Hutton ran into the room.

One of the daughters told deputies that Hutton had been yelling at their mother and had told them to “go back in their room or its gon get wicked.” When he chased their mother out of the apartment, the children quickly locked the front door. However, while their mother was speaking with a deputy, Hutton allegedly forced his way into the back door of the apartment. All three children ran up to a bedroom, locked the door, and began calling family members for help.

The daughter said that Hutton broke into the room, took their phones from them, and disconnected the calls. Hutton then reportedly began yelling at them and would not let them leave the room, but then they heard the deputies coming inside.

Another child reported that when Hutton was yelling at their mother, he lifted his shirt, and she thought she saw a gun, which is why she locked the door after he chased her mother outside. A younger boy told deputies that he armed himself with a knife to protect his sisters.

Post Miranda, Hutton reportedly said he never hit his girlfriend or her children and that he had no knowledge of the gun.

Hutton is a convicted felon in New York for manslaughter in the first degree with the intent to cause serious physical injury. According to the First Appearance Order, he has convictions in Georgia, New York, and another county in Florida in 2021, an active out-of-state warrant, and an active injunction.

He has been charged with two counts of battery, two counts of false imprisonment of a child under 13 years of age, one count of false imprisonment of an adult, three counts of robbery by sudden snatching, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, and resisting arrest with violence. He is being held on $75,000 bond.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Thank God the deputies were willing to risk their lives to separate this man from the situation. Seems the gun charge alone should warrant a bail higher than $75k.

  • Nice guy here. Previous conviction for manslaughter, and another gun violation now. The $75k bond seems just par for the course here in the Peoples Municipality of Gainesville.

  • Very common domestic and child abuse like this could be avoided if housing codes encouraged single occupant efficiency units — deed restricted for owners who are single and childless. Not rentals and not subsidized by taxpayers. Limited to local high school grads, not transplants or homeless addicts. It’d encourage graduating from high school and building young adults up, not tearing themselves down because they tried “sharing expenses” in our current housing lack of options.

  • Another situation with no father figure in the house. Could have been prevented. Anyone else seeing a terrible trend here??

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