Man arrested for exposing himself at Main Library


Lavell Lorenzo Lawrence Strong, 26, was arrested yesterday after he allegedly exposed his genitalia at the Main Library (401 E. University Avenue). Strong also allegedly had a loaded gun in his pocket at the time.

Gainesville Police Department officers responded to a report that Strong had made eye contact with the victim while his hands were in his pants; he then allegedly exposed his genitalia to her after it was clear that she saw him.

Strong is suspected of committing similar acts at the Main Library on previous occasions, including April 18 and May 5, 2022. When he was searched during the arrest, a Colt .38 Special revolver was found in his pants pocket; the gun was reported stolen in Michigan. Post Miranda, Strong reportedly admitted to purchasing the revolver off the street and said he assumed it was stolen.

Strong has been charged with exposure of sexual organs, dealing in stolen property, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He has also been charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing a car from the CVS on SW 13th Street on May 18 and crashing and abandoning it on May 22. He has six felony convictions, along with two misdemeanor indecent exposure convictions. He is being held without bail.

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  • Sell the courthouses and justice offices now. We can protect ourselves, with he,p of GPD and ASO. Juries only, no lawyers and judges needed.

  • Most public libraries have become hang out for the homeless by choice, computer center for those choosing to use a different computer to hide their identity, and a victim targeting site. They should be closed.

  • Crime & Mental illness is a problem…They
    Need to expand the jail with an attached mental illness
    Wing. To be efficient and lower the counties carbon footprint, they should make One big central processing unit there for criminals, homeless, & mental issue patients. Process them all there…mugshots, fingerprints, Covid
    & monkey Vax, etc. this way these people can get the
    Help they need to be rehabilitated, medicated, stabilized, & supervised. The public needs to be protected and
    These people need help. If you release them back into the public, they must wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelets
    On them until they are rehabilitated & no longer a threat to the public.

    • The GPSankle bracelet is a good idea to track the migratory
      Pattern of homeless nomads and to make sure addicts
      Go to their treatment appointments and felons are
      Supposed to be where they’re supposed to be.
      Use some American rescue funds to get it done.

      • Contact tracing is a good idea for these high risk
        Populations. Homeless can spread disease. IV drug
        Users can spread disease. Criminals need to be tracked to make sure they are not doing crimes and
        Are on house arrest, etc.

  • Put some old fashioned pillories downtown near the plaza and start using them as part of punishment. Can you imagine the screaming and struggling as the cops prepare to lock up some entitled piece of work in the pillory for the day.

    • that may be considered cruel and unusual punishment
      These days…I think the rack would be better for public display…getting arrested should not be a good
      Experience and being locked up is a good deterrent…
      I think anyone who gets the death penalty should
      Have the choice of firing squad, hanging, or Guillotine.

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