Man arrested for openly carrying gun at Campus Walk Apartments


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Hassan Albert Muhammad, Jr., 24, was arrested early this morning for openly carrying a pistol and resisting arrest.

A Gainesville Police Department officer who was on foot patrol at Campus Walk Apartments, looking for a stolen bicycle, reported that he saw Muhammad walking toward him with a pistol hanging out of his right front pocket. The officer reported that he told Muhammad to stop and place his hands on a nearby wall and that Muhammad initially complied, saying he had a permit. The officer wrote that he removed the pistol and placed it on a chair, then asked Muhammad for his permit. After Muhammad said it was in his wallet in his back pocket and the officer reached for the wallet, Muhammad allegedly ran.

The officer reported that he picked up the gun and ran after Muhammad but lost sight of him. However, a short time later, Muhammad reportedly called out to the officer and surrendered.

Muhammad has been charged with open carrying of a firearm and resisting arrest without violence. Muhammad has a juvenile criminal history, and charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possessing drugs from two incidents in 2020 were dropped. The officer in one case noted that Muhammad was not arrested (a sworn complaint was filed instead) because he was unaware of the proper way to carry a concealed weapon. Muhammad also reportedly told the officer at that time (May 2020) that he hadn’t been able to take the class needed for a concealed carry permit because of the pandemic.

Muhammad was released on his own recognizance.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • This guy is laughing at the law. He has zero intent to get a permit; its just a line to keep getting ROR’ed.

    • If his eyes make him look like a criminal then everyone must be a criminal. I bet it’s the color of his skin and you just didn’t want to say that.

  • The worst part is unreported: Campus Walk is in the midst of Sorority Row! It’s on SW 8th Ave at 9th St. Those condors are rented to crazy and criminal SSI dropouts halfway back into homelessness — in a college town acting as a magnet for people who don’t belong here. Lawyers and judges are greedy scum, too

  • Hopefully once we have Constitutional Carry in Florida, some of these absurd arrests and prosecutions can be expunged retroactively. 2A4EVER!

  • Someone call Desantis to replace Kramer…why was this POS released on his own recognizance? Is that more of that equity crap? Good work by GPD then ruined by catch & release. Time to get tough on crime.

  • Has anyone else noticed the high number of “catch and release” repeat offenders since the current State Attorney has been in office?

    He thought it was okay although he hadn’t met one of the requirements to have a CCW permit? I think the only thing dumber than that is if the officer let him have his, if it even was, gun back.

    Yep, once again another criminal followed all the laws in place. NOT!!

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