Man arrested for sending death threat to Mayor Poe


Ryan Isaiah Odum, 21, was arrested today on a warrant for sending an email with a death threat to Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe.

Odum had two other outstanding local warrants from last June and last August for allegedly stalking University of Florida students; at the time, he was or had recently been a University of Florida student who had previously lived in the same building as two of the stalking victims.

The Gainesville Police Department (GPD) sworn complaint in the case related to Poe states that Odum “appears to be unhappy with the case/charges and has been communicating this to GPD, State Attorney Office, UPD and City of Gainesville by way of email communication.” Odum reportedly had complained that the officer and victims in the other cases had lied. Another email Odum reportedly sent to the City of Gainesville stated that “GPD and the people of Gainesville are involved in crimes and injustices against him.” The officer wrote that GPD has tried to resolve specific issues with Odum, but Odum was not satisfied.

The complaint says that Poe received the following email from Odum at 8:20 a.m. on March 5:

“Subject: Punishment

“Good morning Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe,

“I reject and will not acknowledge the authority of your judges, prosecutors, police officers, or any other person who tries to impose their authority over me. Previously, I sought to resolve the conflict between myself and the city of Gainesville with peaceful resolution but such an option seems no longer plausible after you all blatantly ignore my grievances and my demand for justice. As the conflict between I and the city of Gainesville escalate[sic], I predict this conflict could become an extremely bloody and deadly one with tragic consequences. If people should die or suffer let the pain and blood of your men, women, children, and my loved ones be on all of your hands. I will not tolerate the city of Gainesville to continue to violate my rights or to interfere with my wishes any longer. I decided that the city of Gainesville from the government to their people should and will be punish[sic] for their crimes and sins.

“Sincerely, Ryan Odum”

Odum has been charged with sending a written threat to kill or injure and is being held on $595,000 bail for the three cases.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Ohhhh… So, that’s what it takes to have a significant bail assessed before you can get out of jail after to do something really stupid.
    Violent perps who actually hurt other people get released on their own recognizance, or minimal bail, as long as the victims are other people who look like them, or are just ordinary citizens.
    But those who emptily threaten our overlords shall see the full weight of the judicial system come down on them… 🤔

    • That is a good observation. These supporters, like Mr. Poe, of criminals and “peaceful protesters” who do public thefts, dangerous riots with fires, fireworks, and other dangerous weapons aimed at police, are OK supporting them and BLM, until they get threatened. Then it’s a different story. Mr. Poe is no hero to anyone and was not likely in danger at all. I remember him in the streets with a BLM T-shirt on and am sure he supported cashless bail and minimum punishment; UNTIL NOW. A hypocrite of the first order.

  • Well said Kathy Benton. Highest bail yet in this county and “all” it was was words ! Thou shall not threaten Poe!

    • Just like the unarmed Jan 6, protesters, he Didn’t have a single gun. While dems spent all of 2019 cheering on peaceful protesters who lit fires and shot guns and commercial grade fireworks at police and buildings, they were outraged at Jan 6 trespassers and vandals. This irate man armed with a pencil and cell phone didn’t hurt a flea either!

  • He was likely raised without “Karens” telling him how to behave toward his neighbors. That together with Affirmative Action is a recipe for school massacres, or like the guy in the NYC subway attack… a malcontent who wasn’t corrected earlier in life. This is what happens.

    • The left democrats always hope these shooters and plotters will be a “white racist” who can be held up to the world as the enemy with guns. Mostly they are found to be non-white. They keep crying about Jan 6 where it was mostly whites, without a single gun in the group. The only one shot was an unarmed female Air Force veteran. The capital policeman who they claimed was killed by the mob called his brother hours after the event. The liberals like Mr. Poe will lie and twist things to support their selfish desires. I assume he’ll need limousines and private security to ferry him around and get meals for him.

  • What surprises me is how “willing” King Poe was to publish/release this email. Most emails he and his jesters receive they refuse to release or make public.

    Once again he shows his own personal agenda in his actions. How much longer are the lemmings going to follow him?

  • I do not support violence in any form. But as someone that Mr. Poe has himself committed violence on by failure to investigate a violent attack on me just because he didn’t want the city to be held responsible (money) he has now become an alleged victim himself. I consider it Devine justice. But Mr.Poe, God’s not finished yet. See you in court.

  • He was complaining about “…injustices against him”…
    Social injustices…he “rejects any authority over him”.
    HE WANTS SOCIAL JUSTICE. Will his threats be carried out by others who demand this social justice like
    What that guy did in the NY subway recently?
    He wanted equity? I thought Poe & Co and the SAO
    Where talking about letting people go for equity…
    Is this what the social justice movement is doing
    To society to get their way by any means possible?

    • Will this guy will be famous like
      George Floyd or Trevon Martin? ..will BLM be selling
      Ryan Odum shirts next? Was this this guys 5min of fame? Should Poe let him go so he “can sorta build back better”? When he gets out of jail, Will he get
      free housing here and a stipend??

  • He was a student at UF…what was his major?
    Was he brainwashed by CRT? Was he taking those
    Radical classes?

  • Why did it take like six weeks to do anything about it after he sent the email? I’m guessing the cops and the DA didn’t take it seriously but Poe ‘demanded’ that something be done.

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