Man arrested for seriously injuring 7-month-old baby


Keyshawn Wanya Bailey, 26, was arrested yesterday on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

Bailey called 911 around noon yesterday, saying that he found the 7-month-old baby choking. When Gainesville Police Department (GPD) arrived, they observed a large hematoma on the back of the baby’s head and also saw a blanket with a brown stain that appeared to be blood. Bailey reportedly told officers that the blood belonged to the baby.

The baby was transported to Shands Pediatric ER, and a CT scan showed subdural hematomas on both sides of the head, a fractured skull, and brain swelling. Medical staff advised GPD that the baby is not likely to survive the injuries and that the injuries could only have been caused by blunt force to the baby’s head.

The baby’s mother was at work when Bailey called 911, and she told GPD that after she left for work, less than an hour before Bailey called 911, only Bailey, the baby, and a 3-year-old were in the residence.

The baby’s mother also showed GPD a photo of the baby with injuries to his nose, discoloration under his left eye, and scratches on his face, sent to her by Bailey on Friday, November 19, while she was at work. She showed GPD texts from Bailey, sent November 19, allegedly saying that the baby kept cutting himself; Bailey blamed something in the bassinet. Bailey also told her to cancel their weekend plans because “I’m tired of this baby.” The baby’s mother told officers that the baby had no other injuries besides the cut on his nose when she left for work yesterday morning, and she had no explanation for the new injury to his head.

Post Miranda, Bailey reportedly denied knowing anything about how the baby’s injuries occurred, saying he found the baby in his bassinet, choking on a white fluid. He later reportedly admitted to dropping the baby twice, once on Friday and once today, but he denied that dropping the baby caused the injuries in the photo he sent the baby’s mother. According to the arrest report, Bailey eventually admitted to causing the cut on the baby’s nose, saying he was play fighting and accidentally punched the baby with his knuckle, causing it to split and bleed. Bailey later reportedly admitted that he intentionally jabbed the baby in the face with his fist out of frustration, causing the injuries in the photo. He continued to say that he did not intentionally injure the baby on the day of the 911 call but did drop him.

Bailey’s relationship to the baby is redacted on the arrest report. He is being held on $1,000,000 bail.

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