Man arrested for stalking and burglary was recently released to outpatient mental health treatment

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Troy Baker Robinson, 35, was arrested early this morning and charged with stalking, burglary, and burglary with battery after allegedly messaging and showing up at the apartment of a female university student. He was arrested on similar charges in 2022 and was released to outpatient mental health treatment on August 4, 2023, after being found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

On August 25, Robinson reportedly approached the victim in the courtyard of her apartment complex near the university; the victim said it was the first time she had met him. Robinson reportedly spoke with the victim, then asked for her phone number, and she gave it to him.

The victim told a Gainesville Police Department officer that Robinson started “pressuring” her and asked to come inside her apartment. When she said no, he reportedly continued to ask and even asked if he could lie in bed with her. He also asked her to come to his place, saying he had “whiskey and weed we can smoke.”

The victim said that she went to her apartment, and when she opened the door, Robinson pushed past her into the apartment and put his arm on her shoulder, saying he wanted to hug and kiss her. She said she immediately shoved him outside and closed the door, but he stayed outside her door, asking her to let him in. She said he also called her numerous times before eventually leaving.

On August 27, he allegedly called her, then showed up at her apartment, texting her and knocking on her door. He eventually left when he received no response, but the victim was so frightened that she left and went to stay with a friend.

On August 30, he allegedly sent the victim a text message with a link to an unknown Facebook profile, but she did not respond.

On September 1, he allegedly called the victim from another number, and she answered; he said he was outside her apartment, and she asked him to stop calling her. After he again offered “whiskey and weed,” she said she hung up on him.

On September 4, he sent her a friend request on Facebook, but she declined the request and blocked the profile.

After he was arrested early this morning, a search incident to arrest reportedly produced a bank card and Florida ID belonging to a different victim. Officers reviewed security camera footage from the residence of the victim at Stadium House Apartments and reportedly saw Robinson walking in and out of the apartment while the residents slept; an iPad, Airpods, credit cards, identification, cash, and a book bag were reportedly stolen. The stalking incident above was reportedly in the same general area, as was the 2022 incident.

Robinson was arrested on battery and trespassing charges in July 2022 against female college students and was found guilty on all counts except one count of battery (acquitted) in a non-jury trial. His attorneys requested a new trial on multiple grounds, including lack of a competency hearing; they said the entirety of Robinson’s testimony suggested that he was “delusional, suffering from dissociative identity disorder, or possibly schizophrenic.” A competency evaluation was completed, and Robinson was found incompetent to stand trial; the order that found him incompetent to stand trial stated that he did not qualify for commitment to a treatment facility, so he was released to outpatient treatment on August 4.

Robinson has convictions in Georgia and Wisconsin between 2006 and 2022 and has two active out-of-state warrants; he has been in Alachua County for about three years and is listed as homeless on the arrest report. Judge Walter Green set bail at $40,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • So he is released from mental health treatment, probably not taking meds. Back at it again. Will probably end up hurting someone if he is allowed to roam the streets. Or he may meet a victim who practices their 2nd Ammendment right. Green goes light on bail knowing that this guy is mentally unstable. I wonder if these wokey dokey judges feel any sense of responsibility.

    • I totally agree with you about the 2A taking care of the problem but from the articles I see on here very few in Alaucha County think like we do

      • I think the criminals are pretty decent at figuring out who to target and who not to target. That’s what I’ve gathered while living in the city. If they think you can or will defend yourself then they’ll haul ass away from you and search for an easy target.

        In any event, being able to defend yourself by whatever means is very important in this city right now.

    • The arrest report states he is from Atlanta, GA.. How did he find out that Gainesville is so soft on crime? This place is a magnet for unstable, homeless offenders. Is there an app on his cell phone that lists Gainesville as a good place for vagrants, or what? They just keep coming here.

      • He only needs to come up with 10 percent. He should have a mental evaluation tacked on before release. He he stays in jail for a week or so a lawyer will get him reduced bond anyway

    • The lawyers who make our laws and sentencing guidelines are hoping to get capital cases for a gravy train of steady income.

  • So she just give her phone number to a guy that looks like this? Did her parents teach her anything before sending her off to college?🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ DUMB ON HER END!!!

  • WTF did she give that her phone number for, was it white guilt? Hopefully she learned her lesson. There’s plenty of brothers who’d like a university sister to graduate and take care of them, so bros can stay home instead. 🤡👹🍦🍦🍦🍦

    • Hi asshole, I was also sexually harassed by this man.

      He touts himself as a UF student, wearing UF merch and talking to us about school while being in OUR BUILDING. He asked for my number so I could help him with pest control advice. Wtf are you on about with “white guilt”? Are you projecting? I was trying to be a good neighbor. I quickly blocked and reported him.

      There is no lesson to be learned except stay away from all men, including men like him and YOU. You are a dirty victim blamer.

  • Let’s see, $40,000 bail 10%=$4000. Bad guy bounces back onto the street straight to his victims place.
    Folks do you see a pattern developing here? Where as ole Judge Larry Turner used to be the ‘dopers’ friend in court, Walter Green is seeing to it that no one of color sits in jail.
    Wonder if he and Rodney Long are in cahoots together?
    Can we say ‘recidivism’ class?

  • He turned 18 in 2006, the first crime conviction. Multiple since then, and our local uncaring judges turn him loose. Career criminals belong in prison for long periods, folks, especially when they are mentally incompetent. Why is that a defense anyway?

    • Seriously, he is mentally incompetent to stand trial for his crimes, but yet he’s competent enough to release back into society to commit more assaults (which is exactly what happened)?

      What exactly is the logic? Maybe if we release him back into the wild, he will finally commit a crime serious enough to justify prison time without risking anyone calling us mean or biased?

  • It seems we have a lot of victim blaming in this comment section.

    Shame on you! As somebody who was harassed by this man, he approached me wearing UF merch, telling me he was a student. He told me his apt. address, major, etc. when I asked. I spoke to him about *pest control* when he offered his contact to me.

    Should I believe that every male student trying to be my friend is a 35 year old man? Is this what you guys want to accomplish by blaming us so vehemently for being tricked?

    Instead of blaming college students for falling for a very sneaky repeat-offending trickster, why don’t we try blaming the justice/mental health department for FAILING US STUDENTS FROM SEXUAL PREDATORS?

    Speaking of which, I saw a man shooting up heroin today walking to school. Absolutely unacceptable state of this campus and county.

    • How did he get into your building, isn’t it locking for residents only? Someone let him in? It’d help if you told us the rental company name and give them an online review commensurate with your monthly rental cost.

  • Why is he still free? And not in a mental health facility? Are we waiting for him to commit a more serious crime,”Felony” Whoops he already did that sounds like.

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