Man arrested for stalking says one of the victims asks him for help through extrasensory perception


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jeremiah Michealel Nelson, 24, was arrested yesterday and charged with stalking and trespassing after the victims produced video evidence that he had come to their residence 27 times since November.

A Gainesville Police Department officer responded to a call from the victims at 1:00 a.m. on January 20 and viewed a Ring camera video showing Nelson walking onto the front porch of the house, ringing the doorbell, and leaving. Nelson was permanently trespassed from that address on December 29, 2022, and a sworn complaint was filed against him after he allegedly returned to the address on January 17.

The victims said they do not know Nelson and that they are concerned because he has repeatedly tried to contact them in person and his behavior is escalating.

Post Miranda, Nelson reportedly said he is friends with one of the victims and that the second victim calls 911 because she is jealous. However, he could not provide a name for either victim and instead described them by the car they drive. He reportedly said that he keeps going to the residence because he feels a need to protect them from “the activity which occurs in the area.” He reportedly said he learns that they are fearful through his extrasensory perception, in which one of the victims alerts him through mental communication that they need help; however, he acknowledged that neither victim had ever verbally communicated a request for help to him. He reportedly added that he would continue to violate the trespass order “if he is given instruction by God to go there.”

Nelson has one felony conviction for repeatedly abusing a puppy; the puppy was eventually purchased from him and treated for her injuries by the new owner. He served time in jail in 2022 for violating his probation in that case and also served some time after a trespassing conviction. Court documents indicate that he suffers from mental health issues.

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  • My ESP tells me he’ll probably spend a little time in jail and he’ll be released and arrested again within a year.

    • My ESP tells me he’s bat sh!t crazy from bath salts…glad he got the face tats & neck tattoo so he can
      Be identified more easy….what a horrible person to abuse a puppy….lock him up to protect the community before he commits more tragic acts.

  • Dems want to legalize street drugs so more caseloads like this guy keep coming to help pay off their Dem Social Studies student loans. Fact.

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