Man arrested for taking nude videos of stepdaughter


Michael Lee Finn, 34, was arrested yesterday afternoon after his girlfriend found photos and videos of her minor daughter on his phone. Finn’s girlfriend told police that she had been looking through videos on his phone and recognized a blanket in one of the videos. As she watched the video, she realized that her daughter was in the video and that Finn was lifting up the blanket to expose her daughter’s genital area. Finn is not the father of the victim.

Post Miranda, Finn reportedly admitted taking the photos and videos without the girl’s knowledge or consent and that they were not taken for medical purposes. He also reportedly said they “might have been for personal gratification.”

Finn has been charged with possession of a photograph of a sexual performance by a child. He remains in the Alachua County Jail, and additional charges are pending the outcome of a search warrant on his phone.

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    Some white men shoot pictures of young girls.

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    Either way, contrary to what King Poe will lead you to believe – both represent criminal behaviors.

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