Man arrested for threatening to shoot family member


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Donald Campbell, 34, was arrested last night and charged with domestic aggravated assault after allegedly threatening to shoot a family member.

An uninvolved family member called 911 about an incident that happened Saturday evening, and a Gainesville Police Department officer contacted the victim, who said he and Campbell had an argument and that Campbell had taken a firearm out of a closet, racked the slide, and pointed it at him, saying, “I’ll fire you up.” The victim said he was afraid Campbell would shoot him.

A witness told the officer that she was in another room and heard the victim shout, “You gonna shoot me?”, then saw Campbell with a gun in his hand, held down by his side. She said she took the gun from Campbell and noted that there was no magazine in it.

Post Miranda, Campbell reportedly said he never had the gun during the argument, but later said he might have had it in his hand while carrying it in from the car but denied holding it while speaking to the victim.

Campbell has been charged with domestic aggravated assault. He has a juvenile history and an out-of-county criminal history between 2008 and 2017. He has two local misdemeanor convictions. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

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  • It’s a good thing GPD came to this call. ACSO would have let him go. Just as they did my ex son in law when he made a detailed threat of how he was going to kill my daughter. It was captured on a security video and the deputy said it was a civil matter. OMG!

  • I would keep my distance from this miscreant. Frightening family culture starts early or “they gonna beat yo a$$”.

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