Man charged with gun offenses after being treated for gunshot wound


Eric Denard Ricks, Jr., 20, was arrested last night after reporting that he had been shot.

At about 9:48 p.m., Ricks reported that he had driven to the Chevron at 1516 E. University Avenue and then returned to his home on SE 21st Street; when he arrived at his home, he said he saw a car turn around and stop beside his SUV, and then someone shot multiple rounds into his vehicle, hitting him in the lower back.

While he was being attended to by first responders before being transported to the emergency room, a presumptive gun shot residue (GSR) test was run on his hands, and the result was positive. The responding Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officer ran his criminal history and found that Ricks had been adjudicated delinquent for felony grand theft auto in 2018 and was prohibited from possessing firearms.

Although no gun was found in a search of the area, including the use of a K-9 unit, Ricks has been charged with tampering with physical evidence and possession of a firearm by a delinquent. The report notes that Ricks, whose street name is “E-Money,” is “possibly a 4K Gang member” and is a suspect in an earlier shooting. He is being held on $37,000 bail, which includes $2,000 for failure to appear on a previous case.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • E-money hasn’t learned his lesson between right & wrong and is lucky he ain’t
    Dead because of the criminal life he chose…it’s his own fault and nobody elses. He is personally responsible for his actions. The parks division should put up some social justice murals in the city parks and on RTS buses about “don’t have a gun if you’re a convicted felon and don’t become a criminal gang member…
    That guns and criminal gangs contribute to black on black crime and that Black Lives Matter”. This is the
    Result of poor leadership by the interim city manager.
    There should be zero tolerance and enhanced penalty
    For felons who use guns and keep committing crimes…
    10,20, life. The city needs to do something about all
    The panhandlers in the street medians. They need to
    Hire a city manager that can get the panhandlers out of
    The street medians and do something about the influx
    Of vagrants into the city. Grace mkt needs to be audited
    And a new policy that they don’t accept released inmates from other counties. Start a work release
    Program and also put People receiving benifits
    From Grace Mkt to clean up the city streets of
    Beer bottles & cans, fast food trash, & face masks
    That are unsightly. A clean city is a good city.

  • Maybe the state should revoke your driver license
    Privileges if you’re a felon and keep getting caught
    With a gun…maybe that would work.

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