Man convicted in hit-and-run death begins serving one-year sentence


Adam Pearce, 39, turned himself in at the Alachua County Jail this morning to begin serving a 1 year, 7 day sentence for leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury.

Pearce was arrested on March 28 after Gainesville Police Department detectives used automobile parts left at the scene and information from license plate readers to identify the car involved in the accident, which killed a bicyclist, Gerald Elmer Mosley. Pearce admitted to driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.

On October 12, Pearce changed his plea to nolo contendere to the second-degree felony of leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury and agreed to a plea deal of one year and one week in the Department of Corrections (with credit for 2 days time served), followed by four years drug probation with four years driver’s license revocation. He was adjudicated guilty. The plea deal petition states that the maximum sentence would have been 15 years and/or a fine of $10,000.

  • Am I reading this right? So he hits a bicyclist and gets off with it with a one-year punishment while leaving the scene? What is going on with the punishments for running over a bicyclist or a motorcyclist? Maybe the judge that determines this outcome should have one of his family run over by motorist while riding a bicycle. This is just outrageous. Again am I missing something here?

  • Look up his driving record. Nothing but alcohol and narcotics. All those judges that let him off before should be held accountable. What is scumball.

  • The DA should never have agreed to that sentence. Just looking for a quick conviction without a trial.

  • One year? You can get that for driving with no license. RIP Mr. Mosley.

  • He must have a very expensive defense lawyer you do more time on felony petit theft or possession of narcotics it should have been four years minimum most likely he was under influence of drugs or alcohol but since he left the scene there is no way of telling if he was

  • He is the definition of Privilege. RIP top that poor man and I wish more justice for life .

  • He will be out at eight months because of good behavior and then he’ll be driving. Past Behavior dictates future Behavior. I can only hope somebody who’s very important a privilege important person gets their relative run over by him then maybe something will be done about this privileged pos.

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