Man on probation arrested for following ex-girlfriend to Publix, hitting her, and taking her phone


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Bryce Jaheim Ervin Preston, 21, was arrested last night after allegedly following an ex-girlfriend to Publix, then taking her phone, forcing her to stay in the car, and hitting her.

A Gainesville Police Department officer responded to the Publix at 203 NW 13th Street, where the victim told the officer that she had previously dated Preston and that he had started acting erratically after she started dating someone else. The victim said that when she arrived home, she saw Preston’s car and drove away, using evasive maneuvers to try to prevent Preston from following her, but he eventually parked next to her at Publix.

The victim said Preston tried to take her phone and bit her neck when she tried to hold on to the phone; he was able to take the phone, and when she tried to get out of the car, he allegedly wrapped his hands around her to keep her from getting out of the car. She also reportedly said he hit her in the face, and a witness corroborated her story.

Post Miranda, Preston reportedly said nothing violent happened and that the victim voluntarily gave him her phone, house keys, and makeup bag.

Preston has been charged with false imprisonment, robbery by sudden snatching, and domestic battery. He has one misdemeanor conviction and is on probation for driving without a valid license. Judge Walter Green set bail at $25,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • WTH is wrong with people? Parents need to change how they raise their kids. This YOUNG man clearly thinks his behavior is acceptable. He needs to be re-programmed to be able to function in relationships. And Judge Green is no freakin’ help to these people. That’s a whole other topic.

    • …there was that double homicide committed a few weeks ago by an ex-boyfriend to a girl dating someone else…he shot the girl in the head…it happened on NW 3rd Ave downtown…there’s lots of crazy people out there and you have to be careful about dating and entering sexual relationships.

  • He bit her neck? She should have claimed he was a vampire & drove a wooden stake into his broken heart.

    The degradation of society continues…stay tuned.

  • Judge Walter Green is not a good judge. This racist judge is always giving black people lenient sentences and smaller bails because they’ve been so “oppressed” in the past. Going easy on black people when they commit violent crime is not the way to fix whatever it is he is trying to fix.

  • No way. This Sh*t so untrue. His gf shared her location . And made up some untrue story on my bro. Black vs White . We know who the police believes

    • Don’t get mad at me…Should the AC start editing posts where people can’t say the words white or black because it triggers racists like Gilberto Dominguez, Kev Patterson, or Geezus?

    • I heard he was an alleged pedophile too. Seeing how big the head is on him he probably got away with it that chocolate mastermind.

  • Great story buddy!…and why, pray tell, would she give you her makeup bag?? 😄😄😄

  • She works. He doesn’t. Probably sponging off of her and doesn’t want the gravy train to end. Seen this pattern before. Young women might want to avoid moochers and the unemployed.

  • This is the Publix is next to the #MeToo college campus? Imagine if it were in District 1, it’d be a weekly occurrence.

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