Man recently released from jail arrested for possession of a handgun and resisting arrest


Keegan Jabari Campbell, 31, was arrested late last night after Gainesville Police Department officers responded to a report that multiple male suspects carrying handguns were involved in a disturbance.

An anonymous caller dialed 911 and reported the disturbance behind Mother’s Pub and Grill, 1017 W. University Avenue, at about 11:25 p.m. last night. One of the males was described as wearing a red and white striped shirt and white cargo shorts, driving a white Mercedes.

Upon arrival, officers saw a man fitting the description provided, and as soon as he saw the officers, he allegedly immediately went to the driver’s side of the Mercedes, making “furtive” movements that led officers to believe he was hiding something. Officers tried to perform a security pat-down, but the man reportedly ran. After a short foot pursuit, he was placed under arrest. Officers searched the Mercedes and reported that they found a loaded handgun and a box of ammunition.

Post Miranda, the man, identified as Campbell, told officers he had run because he believed that he had an outstanding warrant. He admitted to being a convicted felon and said he was released from jail three days ago. He told officers the gun belonged to his girlfriend, who has a concealed weapons permit.

Campbell, who is currently on probation and whose occupation on the arrest report is listed as “drug dealer,” was last arrested on December 19, 2021, for possession of cocaine within 1000 feet of a church. His attorney filed a motion to reduce his bail on January 26 because no formal charges had been filed within 40 days, and he was released on his own recognizance on January 28. The charges were dropped on February 14.

Campbell has been charged with two counts of possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon and one count of resisting arrest without violence and is being held on $225,000 bail.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • Can they do something about the panhandlers in the medians? Is there a correlation in increased vagrancy
      And panhandling to an increase in crime? The interim city
      Manager is doing a terrible job and needs to be fired.
      Russ Blackburn was a good city manager and finally
      Stopped the panhandling and loads of crap that vagrants were
      Piling up on the sidewalk. They really really need to crack down on the illegal gun carrying and make the
      Punishment swift & severe that carries multiple years
      Of incarceration. That will stop this “multiple male suspects carrying handguns in a disturbance”…where’s
      BLM? Where’s the NAACP? The SAO should seize
      That Mercedes because the felon had that gun in it.
      Civil forfeiture. Crime shouldn’t pay. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • more escapees from the zoo! keep them locked up Kramer, you are too busy doing your friends personal BS! Gotta keep the SWAT team on call.

  • I see a neck tattoo in that mugshot…you know what
    That means…occupation: drug dealer. The city should
    Do some social justice murals about drug dealing is not
    A legitimate profession and that don’t ruin your life…use a gun in a crime and your done. 10,20,life. Maybe the
    State attorney office should charge his girlfriend for not
    Securing her gun and allowing this convicted felon access to her gun. They should take her concealed weapons permit away.

    • Yeah, her gun and concealed weapons permit doesn’t
      Give him permission to use it. Did he steal her gun?
      She needs to file charges on him and be a witness against him or she should face charges of knowingly giving a gun to a convicted felon. She should lose her CWP and be charged if she knowingly gave a gun to
      A convicted felon. Charge the girlfriend too.

      • Who owns the Mercedes? He or the girlfriend who
        Gave the gun to the convicted felon? Take the gun,
        The Mercedes, and the girlfriends CWP away for knowingly giving access of her gun to a convicted felon. The girlfriend should be cuffed and jailed and
        The Mercedes whoever that belongs to should be impounded because a convicted felon was driving it
        And had an illegal gun.

        • What does his car have to do with it, and the girlfriend may have left the gun in the car.

  • POSSESS OF WEAPON OR AMMO BY CONVIC FL FELON. He’s lucky this is the only charge he got. Based on this story it could have been more.

  • Almost 100 percent of these dudes that get busted with guns downtown and midtown (and the area between, like Mother’s) obviously do not live in the immediate area. If we had people in charge with more savvy instead of woke insanity, maybe they could do something like create a unified downtown-midtown business district where getting caught with a gun (or attempted rape, or whatever) would result in an automatic ban for a year from the whole business district including all the parking lots.

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