Man sentenced to 2 years in prison for possession of child pornography


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Daniel Joseph Dickson, 39, was sentenced today to two years in state prison, followed by three years of sexual offender probation, after entering a plea of nolo contendere to two counts of possession of child pornography. The remaining charges were dropped as part of the plea bargain, and the plea bargain stated that Dickson was relying on federal charges also being dropped. Dickson will also be designated a Sexual Offender.

Dickson turned himself in on September 19, 2021, on 14 child pornography charges. The case was investigated by Gainesville Police Department (GPD) and began with the discovery of child exploitation material on the BitTorrent network. The BitTorrent file referenced 310 files, at least one of which was identified as a file that was “of investigative interest to child exploitation investigations.”

The investigators connected to the device hosting the file, and a download of 157 files was successfully completed on July 25, 2021. According to the original sworn complaint, 82 of the files involved pre-pubescent females, with 64 of those being child sexual abuse material. The other 75 images involved pubescent juvenile females or child erotica.

A check of the IP address of the device revealed that it belonged to Cox Communications and was subleased to a user in Gainesville. The subscriber was identified, and the owner’s son, Dickson, was arrested after a search warrant was executed.

Investigators found multiple images of child sexual abuse material on the hard drive of Dickson’s primary laptop, resulting in 12 charges of possession of sexual performance by a child and two counts of distribution of child exploitation material. The distribution charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.

  • That is not nearly enough time for a sick man like this. Little girls?!?!?! Disgusting.

    • That’ must be your boyfriend or something sticking up for a child porn watcher is disgusting he derserves the wood chipper and a long line of dads to beat his ass in prison

    • That must be your boyfriend or something why would u stick up for a child porn watcher he deserves the wood chipper I hope there is a long line of dads waiting for him where he’s going

    • Nobody has to “hold their tongue” because you say so. This man has been found guilty of a truly horrible crime. It’s a judge and jury who have “judged” him in case you didn’t get that.

      Frankly I don’t care “what this man was going though” how is that an excuse for his crime? He’s a child pornographer and that lady is sick and disgusting.

      And nope, none of us are perfect, but few of us are criminals like this perverted, sick, man.

    • Nobody has to “hold their tongue” because you say so. This man was found guilty by a judge and jury, that is how we can “judge someone we do not know.”

      He was found guilty of a particularly heinous crime and it doesn’t matter what “he was going through” there’s no excuse for the sexual abuse of children.

      Nope nobody is perfect but most of us are aren’t criminals and perverts like this man.

  • Maybe 2 years if someone doesn’t release him early. How about PEDO tattooed on his forehead. Once he serves his time he will prey the internet or worse real people again. No cure for his sick desire

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