Man shot in Newberry after opening fire at deputies


A man was shot in Newberry tonight after he fired at deputies who were trying to pull him over.

At around 9:30 p.m. this evening, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) deputies observed a van driving erratically on SR 27/41 in Newberry and attempted to pull it over. The driver refused to pull over, so deputies initiated a pit maneuver near the intersection of SR 27/41 and Newberry Road. The driver of the van opened fire on deputies.

The SWAT team was called, a large number of ASO vehicles surrounded the van at the intersection, and gunfire was exchanged. The driver of the van was shot and reportedly died at the scene.

No officers were shot. Florida Department of Law Enforcement will be investigating the shooting, and ASO asks that you avoid the intersection overnight.

This is a developing story.

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  • Congrats to the deputies and SWAT on a job well done! It would be saddening if any were injured. I hope the van driver was not a local. Maybe he was fleeing another county and drank or got stoned along the way. AC please follow up with an update.

  • Ditto on JeffK’s comment with one exception. Don’t care if he was local or not. If the person got out shooting they deserved retaliation in kind. What’s happening with the total disregard to authority, law enforcement specifically?

    Two positives from this, well 3. Law enforcement officers were not injured, this person won’t pose a danger to anyone in society, and lastly, no waste of taxpayers’ money.

  • Jeff I’m almost certain if he got stoned he wouldn’t have opened fire on an officer.. let’s not get pot confused with alcohol or pills… This is def not something pot does to your state of mind.. real truth2020 I surely hope you feel the same way about people who stand in the road for protests 💯 I like go consider them kinda people hood ornaments 💯

    • If the people out on roads protesting are shooting at officers, I do. If you don’t, therein is part of the problem with society.

        • I’m saying if protestors are out shooting at law enforcement officers, the officers have the right to return fire and defend themselves.

          As far as protestors exercising their right to protest, since when should that overrule my right to freely travel from point A to point B? Granted, I wouldn’t run them over to get to my destination but if they attacked my family or myself while I was traveling – let’s just say it wouldn’t be a wise decision on their part. Just saying…

    • if he’s a local then our worst fears of turning into Chicago are true, even in the county region of Newberry. We need more info.

  • There’s plenty of history of the most vile criminals anywhere traveling to or livings in the Gainesville area. A cesspool of crime, mostly enabled by idiot leaders like Poe and other city commissioners.

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