Man wanted in rape case arrested for trespassing on UF campus


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Abraham Omar McCray III, 37, was arrested late last night for drug possession and trespassing on the University of Florida campus. He was also wanted in a 2021 rape case and for violation of probation in another case.

A University of Florida Police Department officer stopped McCray on a bicycle for operating the bike on a roadway without a visible rear light; the officer had also seen McCray riding the bicycle through Turlington Plaza. The officer reported that when he made contact with McCray, McCray spontaneously said he was currently trespassed from campus.

The officer also reported that after being handcuffed, McCray spontaneously said he had narcotics on his person. During a search incident to arrest, the officer reportedly found a bag of “crystalline rocks” and a white powdery substance that both tested positive for 2C/MDPV, a subcategory of “molly.” The officer also reportedly found a loose white rock in McCray’s pocket that tested positive for cocaine.

The officer also found that McCray was wanted on two warrants, in addition to failure to pay child support. The first warrant was for sexual battery on an adult without force from an incident in January of 2021. The second warrant was for violation of probation from an arrest in February of 2020; McCray was reportedly found unconscious in the driver’s seat of a truck in the middle of the road and allegedly pulled out a gun and drove away while speaking to an officer after waking up. He was charged with fleeing, tampering with evidence, a third or subsequent offense of driving without a valid license, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, an expired tag, and reckless driving. The firearm and reckless driving charges were dropped, and he was sentenced to time served (about 7 months) plus two years of probation in a plea deal. He violated the probation several times, served more time in jail, and is again on probation in that case.

Bond information is unavailable, but the sexual battery warrant specified bail of $100,000.

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  • Just another ‘pillar’ of the new society where the miscreants get a ‘time out’ in jail and then back out to continue their predatory cultural ways.

    • We’re the city of trees but we forgot the proper way of punishing this type of criminal.

  • For less than the cost of 4 credit hours there’s a solution for that problem.

  • Gosh, it’s almost as if he WANTS to be in jail and prison awhile. Maybe some people can’t compete in a college town, and shouldn’t be tethered here in the probation system, hello??
    Only public lawyers, the useless DA and judges benefit from this, folks. Wake up.

    • You are exactly right. The criminal Justice System is the one that getting people hurt because they want that money from the FEDS that why there is no form of education. If they educate the man then can’t make any money off him if he’s out and free from mental and physical bondage so blame the system.

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