Man who allegedly ran over an occupied tent said he was scaring off a bear


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Adam Andrew Marini, 50, was arrested early this morning and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly running over an occupied tent with a car.

A Gainesville Police Department officer responded to a campsite in the 3800 block of NW 39th Avenue at 4:50 a.m. this morning and reportedly found a Honda CRV parked near a tent that he described as “smashed.”

The victim, who had reportedly been in a relationship with Marini for about three weeks, told the officer that she and Marini had gotten into an argument over the phone, and Marini said, “Let people know I’m mad when I get home.” She said Marini drove to the campsite in his CRV and ran over the tent while she was in it.

The officer noted that the tent was damaged and that there was a muddy tire mark on a white blanket inside the tent, along with other damaged items.

Post Miranda, Marini spontaneously said the victim wasn’t in the tent at the time of the incident and that he was trying to scare a bear away. The officer stated that he canvassed the area for bear tracks but didn’t find any; he wrote that he saw tire marks, matching the tire marks on the blanket, leading to the tent.

Marini’s local criminal history dates back to December 2019, when he was arrested for and later convicted of domestic battery; at the time, he had six felony convictions. He is currently on probation from a 2020 case in which he took the debit card of a person who had been helping him and used it to purchase over $2,000 in goods. He has been arrested three times since then, twice for domestic battery and once for sending written threats; he was convicted on one domestic battery charge, and the other two cases were dropped.

Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Come on if your going to lie at least make it believable like you swerved to miss a dog or person but a bear 😂😂😂😂
    Now lock him away for a few years

  • “3800 Block of NW 39th Ave?”
    Is there a campsite there or is the pestilence spreading? If the latter, I think it’s time they find city & county leaders’ front yards to make a new home.
    They cause it, they invite it, let them live with it.

  • Only in G’ville!
    His record is beyond ridiculous. Should never been out of custody and turned lose in the community.

    • Shouldn’t they be at Grace Mkt? It was supposed to end homelessness in 10 years per Rodney….instead, Grace attracts more vagrants here…the very bad ones get kicked out of Grace snd move illegally to the nearby woods…they should clear every vagrant out of the woods & at Grace and give them all a one. Way ticket back to where they came from….is this the democrat plan to build back better and end world homelessness & world hunger? Miami isn’t under water yet and we have too many climate change refugees here now….put ‘em on a bus to DC to camp at the national mall.

      • GRACE has housed over 2,400 people and reduced people living on the streets by 47%. If that’s not fast enough for you, you could jump in and help.

        • Are you really so dumb? People come here from all over BECAUSE of Disgrace. I used to recognize all the vagrants in town because there were so few. Not anymore, obviously. It’s only a matter of time before Florida turning red filters down into this blue hellhole. I was hoping old mayors died in threes like celebrities, but I guess no such luck.

        • I think we figured out one time that we spend $200/day for each person at Grace.

          • It’s more than that…I believe Debbie Martinez figured it out like 5 years ago…you take the annual budget divided by those serviced….and then there was the equipment for the kitchen and other stuff…we could pay each vagrant $100/day to go away and we’d be saving a bunch of taxpayers money….

        • Grace Market Place is nothing but a legalized drug haven shut it down and clear the woods. We need to turn all the captured bears out in the area,

  • She’s not the brightest bulb in the box, either for hanging out with an obvious monster. WTF is keeping him here, the probation office and lawyers by chance? And WTF is there an RV park business on W 39th Ave, you mean like legit or just the woods? I’d look for stolen goods at the site and home break-ins from that area, fingerprint matches too, GPD. Thanks for keeping lawyers and fancy courthouse judges well fed here.

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