Man who allegedly took $1,137 in items from Walmart arrested after foot chase


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Samuel Antonio Mitchell, 35, was arrested yesterday morning and charged with grand theft, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest after allegedly taking $1,137 in items from Walmart and running away from an officer.

Mitchell allegedly put 51 items in a shopping cart at the Waldo Road Walmart, then walked out of the store without paying. When he was approached by the store’s Loss Prevention Officer, he reportedly abandoned the shopping cart, ran across Waldo Road, and entered Candlelight Estates.

Gainesville Police Department officers began searching Candlelight Estates for Mitchell, who allegedly ran when he saw an officer at a distance. An officer who was walking around a home reportedly heard Mitchell’s footsteps and began talking with him; Mitchell then allegedly ran again. After a short foot chase, an officer caught him and detained him.

In a search incident to arrest, officers reportedly found 2 baggies in Mitchell’s socks, containing 2.67 grams of a white powder and 2.91 grams of a white rocky substance; the substances tested positive for MDPV, and Mitchell reportedly identified them as “molly.”

Post Miranda, Mitchell reportedly said he had not taken the items from Walmart and had left them behind; he said he ran from officers because he had drugs in his socks.

Mitchell has 15 felony convictions and has served six prison sentences, with his most recent release in 2019 on a petit theft conviction (3rd or subsequent charge). Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $12,500.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Something needs to be done about these judges, it’s time to go to the state, 15 felony convictions six prison stents and this guy gets a $1250.00 Bond. And they wonder why these pieces of sh*t continue to break the law.

  • 35 & nowhere near done checking those ‘stereotypes’ boxes!
    Living up to as many as he can…

    • He don’t have the face & neck tattoo box marked, but has the goatee box checked…

  • If he spent as much time looking for a job as he does caring for the hair around his soup-cooler he’d be okay… 🍲

  • Pass a law making parolees LEAVE the county they committed crimes in, NOT STAY here. The fat cat lawyers came up with the concept of keeping ex-cons here so they’d keep committing repeat offense$$$$ . Fact.

  • We’re not California yet but we’re getting there.

    $950, that’s the threshold…wonder if SAO will say he ONLY took $1137 worth of merchandise and tell him just don’t get caught doing it again?

  • Come on judges this is an easy one. 15 prior FELONY convictions!! Is that a good enough clue?

  • So, let’s think about this for a minute…,
    Just based on me reading articles in the Alachua Chronicle over the past few months,
    I have derived a Public Service Announcement!!!
    Let’s start at the beginning.
    Millennials!!! Put down the cell phone,,, Take your credit cards, handguns, and valuable personal items out of your vehicles and into your residence with you when you walk away from your vehicle. Because some active addict, roaming the streets in the 3am morning fog, is going to rummage through your vehicle and find it, if you don’t. Start there…
    Secondly,,, let’s briefly discuss Wal Mart.
    Do these criminals not know that Wal Mart has security protocols in place? From purchases made with stolen credit cards, to blatantly heading out the door with a shopping cart full of electronics, (destination dope house)
    they have to know.
    Maybe the thought was a good idea at the time?
    But these criminals have to know our boys in blue are teamed with Wal Mart and other department stores in our vicinity. They are going to catch you, and happily lend thieves and criminals some shiny stainless steel bracelets, and a free ride even, in a somewhat nice 4 door Dodge charger.
    So, in conclusion those people who get their credit cards, hand guns, etc stolen out of their UNLOCKED personal vehicles, are they really “Victims” of a crime?
    Or is it that, the cell phones and social media has removed these kids from a thing called “awareness”, and when the theft happens to them, they need to pass “blame”???
    Things that make you go blahhh, blah, blah.
    Thanks for reading along.

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